Project of the Month

These programs allow talented underprivileged teenagers to fulfill their potential by providing them with a challenging program of enrichment and leadership training at the Ruppin Institute of Marine Science. Talented 7th graders from all backgrounds of Israeli society in the lower socio-economic levels are chosen - programs run for 2 years.

The Best and the Brightest

News Date: 
20. November 2017 - 8:00
The annual ESRA Scholarship Award Event took place on 13 November at the ‎Hefzibah Community Center in Netanya with the attendance of over 50 donors and ‎representatives from almost every ESRA branch throughout the country as well as the ESRA ‎board and management staff.  ‎

This annual event is always moving and exciting, both for the donors and the recipients of the ‎scholarships and this year was no exception.  Nineteen students of higher education received ‎checks and their certificates from the donors, donor's families and representatives of the ESRA ‎branches who have set aside funds to support these scholarships.  ‎

Every year select second and third year students from each of the four 'Students Build a ‎Community' (SBC) projects are awarded a monetary scholarship in return for doing a further ‎‎120 hours of work in a variety of community projects in their neighborhoods.   Each of these ‎SBC students already gives over 350 hours each year to guiding, mentoring and tutoring groups ‎of 4 elementary school pupils throughout the school year and during vacations and in return ‎enjoys rent free living in an apartment in the neighborhood.  ‎

This year the range of projects undertaken by the scholarship students is wide and varied. ‎
•    Two of the students will be involved in supervising the 36 young participants in ESRA's ‎Project of Excellence at the Ruppin Marine Science Institute in Michmoret.  ‎
•    Two other students will take responsibility for the 24 children participating in the ‎ESRA/Meyer Shapiro Skateboard project.‎
•    Three students will be working with 5th and 6th grade girls in three different ‎neighborhoods to prepare them for the personal and social changes and demands of ‎the approaching teenage years and entering into Junior High School.  ‎
•    Three students will be working on special needs projects in neighborhood schools ‎under the supervision and guidance of the school Principal.  ‎
•    Two students will undertake work with kindergarten children under the professional ‎guidance of the staff at Beit Ginsburg in Sela neighborhood. ‎
•    One student will be coordinating an Amharic Dance Group
•    Two students will be taking youngsters off the streets and coordinating and training ‎them into football teams in two different neighborhoods. ‎
•    Two students will be attached to their Matnas and will work with neighborhood youth. ‎
•    One student will be continuing the Leadership program for the enrichment of ‎motivated children in the neighborhood. ‎
•    One student will be working with first grade children who previously participated in ‎ESRA's "First Steps" summer school to ensure that they begin their school years with ‎the best possible preparation.  ‎
After light refreshment and mixing, the Scholarship Event began with a vocal performance by ‎two lovely neighborhood girls who are taking voice training at the neighborhood ESRA/Cellcom ‎Volume project.   All agreed they have lovely voices and we look forward to seeing and hearing ‎them again as they advance and succeed.  ‎

The presentation of the scholarships was made by Nina Zuck, head of ESRA projects, with each ‎recipient student saying a few words about themselves and their ambitions.   It was really ‎moving to see students from previous years coming back to continue their devoted work in ‎their neighborhoods and to meet again their respective donors and families.  Teary and joyful ‎reunions took place throughout the evening.

Submitted by Cynthia Yaakovi‎