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Cynthia Shapiro - the ESRA Raanana Bookshop won't be the same without you

News Date: 
10. January 2017 - 8:00
"For some people volunteering is about giving. But for you, Cynthia, it is a way of life" said Judy Copeland at Cynthia's farewell party last December.

"...Thank you for keeping the bookshop going with your love and dedication, treating it as you would your own business. You've motivated your team of volunteers and have created a little corner of ESRA that we would miss very much if it ever closed."

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cynthia_party.jpg"Cynthia ran the bookshop as if it were her own business" said co-worker and friend Esther Rabinowitz. "We started off with hundreds of books that had been donated .... Her aim was to alphabetize all the books and put them all in their relative sections .... she has a very strange way of sorting out the shelves, throwing books all over the place and .. losing the plot slightly when being interrupted; but in the end it all gets sorted out. She may not be the tidiest of organizers, but she knows where everything is and plies her way through authors and recommends books she hasn’t even read, a true saleswoman."

Regular customer, Carl Hoffman, reckons that a large part of the estimated million shekels that has been raised over the years at the bookshop, were contributed by him, as attested by his overflowing bookshelves. In his words: "More important was the friendly atmosphere of a quiet book-lined haven to which I could always repair for a few minutes of calm and comfort among nice people and interesting books. I thank Cynthia, and the other great ladies there, for providing me with a little home away from home in the middle of Raanana. She will be sorely missed."

The day after she retired in January 1998, Cynthia became an ESRA volunteer, working for three days a week in the Herzliya office, doing anything and everything. She also proofread, and still does, for ESRAmagazine.  In 2003 Cynthia became active in the Raanana bookshop and was part of the team that set it up.

This article was edited from the full article that was printed in the February/March 2017 edition # 188 of the ESRA Magazine.