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ESRA Computer Centers provide free access to computers and innovative instruction in computer skills for underprivileged children, youth and adults helping to close the cultural and educational gap.

ESRA Calendar 2017/18

ESRA Calendar 2017/18

Once again we are happy to announce that we are taking bookings for advertising on our successful Annual Recipe Calendar.

Rates for advertising and/or supporting this project are as follows:

Full Page - NIS 1,000‎
Half a Page - NIS 700‎     ‎    
Quarter of a page - NIS 500 ‎
Boost Your Business - NIS 270 (empty block on ‎month)‎
‘Give a Greeting’ - NIS 250 (bottom of every month)‎    
‘Message-on-a-Date’ - NIS 250 (actual date)‎
Sponsor - NIS 140‎     ‎         ‎   
Children’s Page - NIS 50 (NIS 10 after 6th child)‎

Attached is an order form which you can print out and return to ESRA fax: 09-954 3781

Or call Candy 054-524 2186


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