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ESRA Computer Centers provide free access to computers and innovative instruction in computer skills for underprivileged children, youth and adults helping to close the cultural and educational gap.

ESRA flagship project marks 10 years of wonderful!‎

News Date: 
20. June 2017 - 8:00
The energy is palpable. The air is bursting with enthusiasm. Evidence of ‎friendship and comradery is everywhere. It's happy energy, infused with ‎excitement. It's the happiness of accomplishment lighting up a pathway into ‎a brighter future. It's the Students Build a Community End-of-Year event.‎

This year's event marked 10 years of the project's continued successful ‎operation. The evening's program, emceed by two of the project's ‎students/mentors, was kicked off with words from the project partners, ‎ESRA's Nina Zuck, Projects Chairman, and Cynthia Yaakobi, Project ‎Coordinator, and Netanya Municipality's Ofer Orenstein, City Council ‎member, and Shiri Haguel-Saidon, Deputy Mayor.
The student emcees ‎shared their backgrounds as olim from Ethiopia, and their impressions of the ‎year's activities. Next, the schoolchildren themselves took to the stage, ‎delighting the audience with performances from ethnic dancing, to songs in ‎a choir ensemble, duos and solos. Each performer, called to the stage as a ‎representative of their community, was met with enthusiastic cheers from ‎their neighborhood-proud school friends.

A professional ethnic Ethiopian ‎dance troupe, Einsarra, absolutely wowed the audience, and children were ‎invited onto the stage to dance with them, echoing their movements. ‎

Proof of success - two special speakers were Neomi Meshasha and Elad ‎Elimelech, both graduates of the SBC project, and now, after completing ‎their higher education with ESRA's help, they are firmly set on their career ‎paths. Neomi is today a lawyer in the Tel Aviv Prosecutor’s Office, and Elad ‎has his own law firm in Haifa. These two are fine examples of achievements ‎the project promotes and the excellent role models that the project's students ‎set for the neighborhood schoolchildren.

The evening's program ended with ‎all 140 participating children filling the stage, together with the 35 students, ‎creating one big lively crowd of excited smiles, which were mirrored on every ‎face of the audience as they exited the hall.‎

Cause For Pride

To date, the Students Build a Community project has enriched the lives of ‎nearly 100 students, close to 1,000 schoolchildren, and 4 communities – ‎cause for pride indeed. And it's all down to ESRA's dedicated and ‎hardworking volunteers, generous donors, and its wonderful partnerships ‎with the Netanya Municipality, and the Netanya "Matnas" community center ‎directors.

In the end, the willingness of everyone involved to work toward ‎being better, really does make it happen. And every paying ESRA member ‎can be proud of their small part in helping to make it so.‎