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These programs allow talented underprivileged teenagers to fulfill their potential by providing them with a challenging program of enrichment and leadership training at the Ruppin Institute of Marine Science. Talented 7th graders from all backgrounds of Israeli society in the lower socio-economic levels are chosen - programs run for 2 years.

ESRA Raanana Cinema Club 'In Her Footsteps'

esra_cinema_club_s.jpgThe Audrey Goodman Cinema Club in Raanana


"In Her Footsteps"
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‎“In the dead of night, my parents left our house in the Muslim Bedouin village, Tel Sheva, where I ‎was born,and moved, perhaps 'fled', to Omer, a nearby Jewish town, where I grew up.

For more ‎than 20 years in Omer, we were deeply integrated into Omer's white hegemony, we were ‎convinced that we were like everyone else around us, until my mother became ill with breast ‎cancer. She expressed an unprecedented wish to be buried as a Muslim in the town’s Jewish ‎cemetery. “‎

In the Arab, Muslim world, women are forbidden to attend funerals. She hoped that by fulfilling ‎her wish, her three daughters could walk with her on her last journey. But in Jewish society, ‎there has never been a precedent for a shared burial of Arabs and Jews. Her wish tore the family ‎apart and raised serious dilemmas, about identity, belonging, femininity ‎and the meaning of home. ‎

Rana Abu Fraiha, the Director of the Film, will speak after the film.‎

‎Limited seating - reserve early  ‎


Yad Lebanim
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