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ESRA RAANANA Music Lectures with Harvey Bordowitz

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Repeats every 2 weeks until Tue Mar 28 2017 .
07 March (All day)


A Series of four Music Lectures
with conductor and music lecturer Harvey Bordowitz
Harvey invites you to join him in learning while enjoying the thrill of great music. One of this ‎country’s most innovative and creative maestros, Harvey was the founding music-director ‎and conductor of the Herzliya Chamber Orchestra for 31 years.  For 40 years he has ‎lectured both in English and in Hebrew on a vast range of musical topics with humor, ‎erudition and a deep love of music.‎

Tuesday 7 February - Who Needs Conductors, Anyway? ‎
An insider’s look at the strange and wondrous profession of the conductor. What is a conductor? What ‎happens in rehearsals? In the concert? How do performances differ? What is interpretation? What makes ‎a great conductor? In this interactive lecture, the audience will be invited to compare and judge different ‎recordings. The history of conducting, and a lightning-quick conducting-course, with the help of ‎recordings of great maestros.‎

Tuesday 21 February - Beethoven: from Tragedy to Triumph
Beethoven's confrontation with his increasing deafness and his bravery in adversity gave rise to ‎triumphant creations which stir our souls to this day, and which single-handedly ushered in the 19th ‎century – the Romantic era. The Eroica Symphony, No. 3, the Fate-Symphony, No. 5, and the mighty ‎Ninth will serve as the anchors to this evening’s exploration of a hero – an ode to humanity and freedom, ‎courage and human dignity.‎

Tuesday 7 March - With Strings Attached: All About String ‎Instruments
Some of music’s most thrilling works have been written for string instruments.  We will learn about the ‎legendary violinmakers, sample towering masterpieces by Bach, Beethoven, Mendelssohn, Tchaikovsky, ‎Elgar and Brahms, in unforgettable performances by Heifetz and Casals, Jacqueline du Pré, and the ‎newest generation of brilliant young virtuosi.‎

Tuesday 21 March - America - The New  Frontier!‎
How did American music break free of the old European molds? How did ragtime, jazz, swing and ‎spirituals, gospel and big-band make America the sassy new kid on the block?  How did the Broadway ‎Musical become America’s Opera? American music in times of war and peace, crisis and optimism. The ‎New Frontier in all its passion, pain and glory
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Cost: Whole series: ‎  NIS 180; ESRA members NIS 140‎
         Per lecture: ‎    NIS 50; ESRA Members NIS 40‎
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Beit Fisher
5 Klausner St.
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ESRA Beit Fisher
09-748 2957
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per session
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