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These programs allow talented underprivileged teenagers to fulfill their potential by providing them with a challenging program of enrichment and leadership training at the Ruppin Institute of Marine Science. Talented 7th graders from all backgrounds of Israeli society in the lower socio-economic levels are chosen - programs run for 2 years.

ESRA Trip Atlit to Beit Shean via the Valley train

ESRA Outing

‎Atlit to Beit Shean via the Valley Train

  •    Salt of the Earth (Melach Ha'aretz) Visitor Centre in Atlit. The company produces high quality products from daily-use table salt to exotic varieties for gourmet kitchens. The plant founders were given permission “to produce table salt from seawater in Atlit” by the British in 1921 and have since developed other facilities in the Dead Sea and Eilat. We will learn much more on our guided tour.
  •    The Jezreel Valley railway existed ‎in Ottoman and British Palestine, as well as a modern railway in Israel opened in 2016. It runs ‎from the Mediterranean coast near Haifa eastwards along the Jezreel Valley to Beit Shean. ‎
  •    LUNCH bring your‏ ‏own to eat on the train. There will be no other stop.‎
  •    Ethiopian Experience – Meet Rahel Almo who came to the country alone at age 10 and tells her ‎fascinating story through sound, taste, art and folklore. ‎

ESRA TOURS are suitable for suitable for participants who are in good health and do not ‎need assistance


09:15   Tel Aviv:‎‏  ‏‎ Arlosoroff Train Station at the bus stop just before the station entrance
09:45‏‎     Raanana: ‎‏  Derech Hapark opp. ‘Palace Ra’anana‘ (formerly Ahuzat Bayit).‎
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