Project of the Month

These programs allow talented underprivileged teenagers to fulfill their potential by providing them with a challenging program of enrichment and leadership training at the Ruppin Institute of Marine Science. Talented 7th graders from all backgrounds of Israeli society in the lower socio-economic levels are chosen - programs run for 2 years.


  • 20. February 2011 - 8:00
    trees-93.jpgStudents in ESRA's “Students Build a Neighbourhood” Project in Hefzibah, Netanya organised a neighborhood  'happening' to plant hundreds of plants and a number of trees in a new community garden in the neighbourhood.

  • 13. February 2011 - 8:00

    The Insight day is just the kind of event that ESRA members enjoy.  From the 10am start, ESRA veterans enthused at the constant flow of information.  Newer members were in awe by what has been done, and by what is being done by ESRA.  The room was abuzz with anticipation and pride.  The energy and enthusiasm generated by the speakers was palpable - Joan Weisman, Netanya

  • 7. February 2011 - 8:00
    Fonda_Jane.jpgEilat is not technically an ESRA branch, but instead it is one wonderful volunteer, Fonda Dubb.  Fonda has been selling Ethiopian handicrafts in Eilat, and from the beginning of 2011 she has a permanent stand at HaYam Shopping Mall every Friday from 11am to 3pm.  Anyone visiting Eilat for the weekend, please go and say hi to Fonda.  ESRA is indebted to her for achieving amazing sales figures over the years.

  • 28. January 2011 - 8:00
    ESRA Modiin co-chair Cynthia Barmor reports on recent activities:

    ''Our social brunch on Jan 13th attracted 35 guests and was most successful. Member Flori Cohen shared with us her recent visit to China and her memories there from her early years.
  • 27. January 2011 - 8:00
    Meira Applebaum reports on her visit to see this project for gifted Ethiopian children at the Weizman Institute in Rehovot ....
    ''We all received a shot of ESRA enthusiasm when I went to see this project in action together with my husband Jack, Nina Zuck and Denise Sussman!

  • 19. January 2011 - 8:00
    ProjSept.JPGThis letter was received by Nina Zuck, ESRA's Project Coordinator, from one of the students from ESRA's 'Students Build a Neighborhood' project. She was so thrilled at the success of her students (translated from Hebrew)

    ''Hi Nina, How are you?
  • 17. January 2011 - 20:00

    ESRA Modiin is proud to announce a new partnership with Modiin Ladies – ESRA, formerly known as the Modiin Ladies Circle. The two volunteer groups will combine efforts under the umbrella of ESRA in order to better serve Modiin’s residents and in the belief that there is more power in numbers.

  • 24. December 2010 - 8:00

    17 excited Ethiopian teenagers were introduced this week to their new Project of Excellence at the Ruppin Marine Science Institute.  The children, from 3 schools in Netanya, will be doing a 20-week course at the Institute, including lectures, work in the laboratories and experiments at sea. 

  • 19. December 2010 - 8:00
    ESRA has stepped in to help Ethiopian students who can no longer receive a free meal at Bar Ilan University. In a meeting with Adele Hunter (ESRA co-chair and chair of the Welfare Committee) to discuss future scholarships for students in need, the Dean of Students explained that their donor source for meals can no longer help,

    ESRA turned to one of their generous donors for assistance.  As a result ESRA is able to contribute and many of these very needy students will now be able to continue having a hot meal.
  • 5. December 2010 - 8:00
    quiz82vs.JPGESRA newest branch in Karmiel held a successful table quiz on Saturday night with participants not only from Karmiel but also from other yishuvim in the area including Eshchar, Michmanim, Maalot, Kfar Vradim and the winning table from Shorashim.