Project of the Month

These programs allow talented underprivileged teenagers to fulfill their potential by providing them with a challenging program of enrichment and leadership training at the Ruppin Institute of Marine Science. Talented 7th graders from all backgrounds of Israeli society in the lower socio-economic levels are chosen - programs run for 2 years.


  • 18. November 2010 - 8:00
    This week the Ethiopian Community Centre in Kfar Saba was the location of  the opening  of the new 'Students Build a Neighborhood' project attended by Kfar Saba dignitaries, ESRA representatives, Beit Berl students and local residents.

  • 17. November 2010 - 8:00
    Memory_Keeper.jpgESRA's latest gift item from the range of Ethiopian designed goods, is a beautiful perpetual calendar 'Memory Keeper' and is available from ESRA 09-9508371 at NIS 40.

    Each of its 12 pages is decorated with the brightly coloured Ethiopian motifs, and has space to enter that month's birthdays and anniversaries.

  • 29. October 2010 - 8:00
    AVR_1923.JPGOctober 28th saw the launch of ESRA Modiin Branch's new project 'Neve ESRA', (an afternoon moadonit for severely high risk children) in the prescence of Modiin Mayor, Haim Bibas.
  • 28. October 2010 - 8:00

    It went "beyond my wildest dreams" is all I can say about Rishon's first Cinema Club!   We had over 70 people attending to see "Ida's Dance Club." I couldn't believe it!
    The lobby looked  wonderful, the food tables were set up elegantly by our volunteers, we had ESRA poster displays on the walls and the newest DVD of ESRA's projects playing on a TV screen throughout the reception.
  • 20. October 2010 - 8:00

    October 19 heralded a fanfare opening of the ESRA Bookshop in the Azrieli Mall. mod_book_ribbon.JPGMoish Levy, Deputy Mayor of Modiin performed the ribbon-cutting ceremony and Rabbi Adi Sultanik affixed the mezzuza.
  • 6. October 2010 - 8:00

    Last year was a busy and productive time for ESRAvision. ESRAvis_Course_Feb_09.jpgOver a 12 month period our group made 26 new films (mini-documentaries). These were all shown on the half hour ESRAvision magazine program, aired throughout Israel on the Community TV Channel (98) and throughout the Middle East on METV. 

  • 27. September 2010 - 8:00

    We were ecstatic to receive an order for 800 mezuzot for Elbit Systems back in July. Elbit4.JPG  This meant lots of work through the summer months for our Ethiopian embroiderers who hand sew the beautiful designs.
    Why 800 we asked? They told us it was to place on each door of their new office building in Netanya.
  • 22. September 2010 - 8:00
    tutor.jpgOn 19th September,  9 volunteers attended a training session for ESRA English Tutors given by Lola Katz at a home in Herzliya Pituach.
  • 14. September 2010 - 8:00

    EsraVision_filming.jpgAfter our long summer break from ESRAvision meetings, we're planning a new year of different and even more stimulating courses and seminars. We're looking forward to reconnecting with our current members, and we'd love to attract new members.

  • 6. September 2010 - 8:00

    For over a decade now we have been running programs and creating content to help adults deal with attention deficit issues and lead more productive and balanced lives. And they said that a group of ADHD adults couldn’t keep a group going very long. Ha! I guess we’re doing something right.