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Wednesday 10 Oct 2018 20:00
NIS 75 | Members NIS 60
Herzliya Talk on the Rescue of Danish Jewry 1943

ESRA Herzliya present "The Rescue Operation for the Danish Jews, October ‎‎1943‎" with guest speaker, Werner Bachmann hosted at the home of the Swedish Ambassador

Fully Booked - please call ESRA Booking Office 09-7482 957 to be added to waiting list

Werner Bachmann was born in Copenhagen. In 1940 the Germans occupied Denmark ‎and in October 1943 started the persecution of the Danish Jews. Werner, then a boy of ‎‎7 years old, was dramatically rescued to Sweden. He has a good recollection of events ‎and a profound knowledge of circumstances before, during and after the rescue ‎operation.‎

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