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ESRA Projects in Netanya

  • Students Build a Community

    Students get free housing, in exchange for mentoring disadvantaged schoolchildren, and whole communities are transformed. 

  • ESRA/Shapiro Skateboarding

    Providing an alternative to the streets, children from distressed areas are taught a sport, a skill, discipline and self-confidence at the Skatepark. 

  • English Tutoring Program (ETP)

    Nearly 300 English-speaking volunteer tutors help pupils with their English studies in elementary, junior high and high schools nationwide. The project is recommended by the Ministry of Education.

  • Programs of Excellence ‎

    2-year enrichment course for promising youths from disadvantaged communities, in biology, physics, chemistry, marine science & ecology, as well as leadership life skills. 

  • Afternoon Learning Center

    Provides young children (1st to 3rd graders) arriving straight from school with a healthy lunch. 

  • Journey to Identity

    Helping Israeli teenagers of Ethiopian descent face their identity crisis, a course in leadership, patriotism, Zionism and heritage, ends with a visit to Ethiopia.    

  • Ethnic Dance project

    Teaching ethnic dancing to young Israeli children of Ethiopian descent, helps them connect with their heritage and customs. 

  • Volume Music Center

    Professional training to develop young people's musical talents and strengthen their ‎connection to Israeli music culture. 

  • Learning & Arts Center

    Afternoon center for 6-8 year olds offering help with homework in a structured environment, plus creative activities in art and drama.   

  • Right Track Centers

    Teenagers at risk receive professional help with homework along with afternoon social activities and army preparation. 

  • First Steps

    Early childhood experts  work in a kindergarten and concentrate on the children about to start school, helping prepare them for first grade and closing educational gaps. 

  • Computer Centers

    Disadvantaged children, youth and adults are taught computer skills, including Internet and Facebook. 

  • Befriending

    Provides the elderly or housebound with a friend, a listening ear, conversation, help with reading, etc. 

  • Hand in Hand Food Pantry

    With the help of children and volunteers, food packages are distributed monthly to the needy and handicapped. 

  • Crisis Welfare Assistance

    Financial assistance is offered per request by needy families or individuals, based on our criteria and social worker report.

  • ESRA’s Counseling Service

    Adults receive professional support and consulting, face-to-face or by telephone, for a symbolic fee per session. 

  • Bayit Cham

    A 'home away from home' for teenage girls at risk provides a safe after-school haven with a hot meal and the attentive ear of professionals.                           

  • Knitting Circles

    ESRA volunteers knit sweaters, scarves and gloves for the winter months for needy children throughout Israel.

  • Sewing Centers

    Provide Ethiopian adults with sewing skills, including sewing machines, fabric, professional instruction, and a social venue.

  • SBC Scholarship Fund

    Students from ESRA’s Students Build a Community project, are awarded grants toward their tuition in exchange for their giving extra hours of tutoring and mentoring.