Project of the Month

These programs allow talented underprivileged teenagers to fulfill their potential by providing them with a challenging program of enrichment and leadership training at the Ruppin Institute of Marine Science. Talented 7th graders from all backgrounds of Israeli society in the lower socio-economic levels are chosen - programs run for 2 years.

Message from the Chairman of ESRA


"Ensuring a strong Israel, 100 years after Balfour"‎

November 2017 is a momentous month in the history of our wonderful country. A century ‎has passed since Lord Balfour made the first pronouncement that we should reemerge from ‎the diaspora with our own country. Of course, that was only one of the first steps in the ‎reestablishment of Israel, two thousand years after most of us left this area, and we had to ‎witness the horror of the Holocaust before we could finally arrive back home. But here we ‎are approaching the 70th anniversary of the founding of the modern State and we are strong ‎and a true light unto the nations. ‎

Another anniversary is fast approaching, and that is the 40th anniversary of ESRA, which will ‎be celebrated in 2019. For four decades, ESRA has been playing its part in strengthening ‎Israel, be it with volunteering, or cultural and social activities for English-speakers, or with ‎Educational and Welfare projects for the needy, and to improve the future of our children. ‎The brainchild of Honorary Life President, Merle Guttmann, ESRA has been expanding and ‎going from strength to strength, and it is with dedication and commitment that we continue ‎to work toward ensuring a strong future for Israel, for all sectors of its social fabric. ‎

In addition to a series of lectures all over the country celebrating the Balfour Centenary, ‎ESRA is busy planning other events. We are holding another round of regional meetings in ‎the North, South and Center - important as an exchange of ideas among ESRA’s branches ‎and for allowing everyone to have their say. Another major event is the ESRA National Quiz, ‎a brain-teasing, socializing and tasty event which has become an ESRA tradition. We again ‎will have a chance of winning one of the fabulous prizes in the ESRA Raffle with great ‎holiday treats as the first three prizes. The draw will take place on 29th January 2018.‎

With the aim of increasing our impact in Israel and our support base abroad, ESRA will be ‎hosting its first ever fundraising event overseas. On 10th December, we are having our first ‎UK Friends of ESRA event in London to encourage support for our projects. This is being held ‎at a wonderful location in St John’s Wood with Man Booker Prize winner, Howard Jacobson. ‎Our sincere appreciation to him and to Sir Sidney and Lady Rosa Lipworth who were kind ‎enough to offer their home for this event. Watch for an article on the event in our next ‎magazine. We intend to have a strong group of friends in the UK and possibly in other ‎countries.‎

On 24th December, we will be holding our annual fundraising concert, this year with the ‎renowned Israeli singer and songwriter, David D’Or. This promises to be a most enjoyable ‎evening, as David is a superb performer. Your attendance will help make this another great ‎ESRA success. If you do not have tickets yet, phone the office quickly (09-9508371) to avoid ‎disappointment. ‎

This November is Membership Month - we are making a great effort to increase our paid-up ‎membership which is vital to the future of ESRA. We believe that NIS10 per month is a ‎reasonable sum to support your organization, so please make the effort to pay your ‎membership on time. We have made this even easier by introducing an annual automatic ‎credit card payment at a reduced rate. Membership ensures that you receive the fabulous ‎ESRA calendar, our magnificent ESRA Magazine, and discounts on all activities.

You can do ‎good while feeling good and enjoying yourself. By the way, I must mention that 2017/18 ‎Recipe Calendar Committee did a terrific job and the result adds pleasure to every month. ‎

With warm regards and wishing you a Chag Hanukah Sameach. May the light be with you ‎and your oil never run out. ‎

Baruch Tanaman