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Noa engages with the Young Adults at ESRA's Social Club for the Disabled

News Date: 
20. December 2016 - 20:00
Yesterday we had a special guest at the Social Club for Disabled Young Adults in Kfar Shmaryahu. Amidst much anticipation and excitement, Achinoam Nini arrived to participate in the evening’s activities.

Members were invited to ask questions which Achinoam graciously answered, explaining and telling special stories.

noa_kshclub.jpgOne member told Achinoam about her English ‘Bagrut’ test – the unseen text in the exam was about ‘Noa’, which is Achinoam’s stage name. Achinoam said that one of the reasons she decided to perform as Noa was that the initials N.O.A stand for ‘Not Only Achinoam’. She explained that she could not have achieved what she did without the exceptional cooperation of her staff.
Another member, who has a phenomenal memory and an expert in Bible studies, had a challenging exchange with Achinoam, who is also knows her bible well, having attended a Yeshiva elementary school.
Achinoam was asked why she doesn't feature in the commercial media. Her answer was very touching - society tags her because of her numerous controversial activities, just as society tags disabled people. Yet she has devoted herself to ‘the Temple of Music’ and aims at perfection, not to commercial approval.

To finish off the evening Achinoam sang for the group. Her last song ‘Beautiful That Way’ was together as a response with all present.

An inspiring evening for the group to carry with them for the rest of their lives.

Submitted by Tsafra Saar, Projects Administrator
Photos by Richard Halon