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"Give a starving person a fish and they will have food for a day; teach them to fish and they will have food for a lifetime."

We believe that through education, we can influence children's lives both now and for a lifetime, and through them we impact society. The majority of ESRA funds is earmarked for educational projects have been proven to be successful. Each project we initiate and run is in cooperation with a local authority. 




Education Projects
Students get free housing, in exchange for mentoring disadvantaged schoolchildren, and whole communities are transformed. 
Providing an alternative to the streets, children from distressed areas are taught a sport, a skill, discipline and self-confidence at the Skatepark. 
Nearly 300 English-speaking volunteer tutors help pupils with their English studies in elementary, junior high and high schools nationwide. The project is recommended by the Ministry of Education.
2-year enrichment course for promising youths from disadvantaged communities, in biology, physics, chemistry, marine science & ecology, as well as leadership life skills. 
Children with behavioral disorders learn to interact with horses and other animals, thereby learning new ways of succeeding in their studies.
Handicapped children engage in horseback riding, dog training, animal therapy, help with homework and receive a hot lunch.
Helping Israeli teenagers of Ethiopian descent face their identity crisis, a course in leadership, patriotism, Zionism and heritage, ends with a visit to Ethiopia.    
Children diagnosed with learning disabilities are instructed by specialized teachers offering strategies to help them cope. 
Professional training to develop young people's musical talents and strengthen their ‎connection to Israeli music culture. 
Provides young children (1st to 3rd graders) arriving straight from school with a healthy lunch. 
Afternoon center for 6-8 year olds offering help with homework in a structured environment, plus creative activities in art and drama.   
Teenagers at risk receive professional help with homework along with afternoon social activities and army preparation. 
Early childhood experts  work in a kindergarten and concentrate on the children about to start school, helping prepare them for first grade and closing educational gaps. 
Adopting the Rishon Lezion afterschool center, ESRA Rishon Lezion funds Darbuka drumming lessons with a music specialist, and organizes parties for children at risk from distressed neighborhoods. 
University students mentor 4th-6th grade children from socially disadvantaged families.  In exchange, the students receive a grant toward their studies. 
Disadvantaged children, youth and adults are taught computer skills, including Internet and Facebook. 
Teaching ethnic dancing to young Israeli children of Ethiopian descent, helps them connect with their heritage and customs. 
At the afterschool center, ESRA provides young children at risk with weekly English lesson, arts & crafts activities, birthday & holiday presents, and a yearly outing to the cinema. 
An afternoon care center for children provides a warm, safe and supportive environment, remedial teaching and enrichment programs. 
Mentally Challenged people are taught computer skills and Internet use, including social media such as Facebook.
Students are trained to be Sderot ambassadors, participate in delegations abroad, and engage in debates, a model UN, and scientific programs.