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Moadonit Rishon Lezion ‎

Adopting the Rishon Lezion afterschool center, ESRA Rishon Lezion funds Darbuka drumming lessons with a music specialist, and organizes parties for children at risk from distressed neighborhoods. 


The Problem

Children from high-risk families sometimes need to be out of the home most of the day and do not have an organized educational and social framework after school hours. They spend most of their time in an unstructured and potentially harmful street community.

The Solution

Provide the children with afternoon centers that help them develop a skill, self-discipline and build self-confidence, through crafts, social activity and the enjoyment of music.

The Method

ESRA Rishon Lezion has adopted the Municipality afternoon center for children, supporting weekly Darbuka drumming lessons taught by a music specialist, and organizing holiday and birthday parties for the children.


15 Children age 6 – 12


Ofakim Youth Center, Rishon Lezion