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ESRA/Shapiro Skateboarding

Providing an alternative to the streets, children from distressed areas are taught a sport, a skill, discipline and self-confidence at the Skatepark. 

The Problem

Youngsters from distressed areas in Netanya have no organized activities in the ‎afternoons. They spend their time on the streets, often getting into trouble.‎

The Solution

Provide youngsters with an organized framework where they are taught a sport, a skill, discipline and self-confidence, all through the enjoyment of a popular sport – skateboarding.‎

The Method

Two groups of Netanya youngsters receive lessons in the art of skateboarding, taught by two young adult skateboard experts. Two scholarship students from ESRA’s Students Build a Community project escort the groups from their respective neighborhood to the Skatepark in Netanya's Winter Pond Park, a short walk from Neot Shaked and a bus ride from Nordau. Participants receive all the necessary equipment for their skateboarding lessons, including helmets, knee and elbow guards, shoes and skateboards, all of which is gifted to them on their successful completion of the course. They gain control, and the confidence to pick themselves up when they fall, all while having a wonderful time.


‎‎26 specially chosen teenagers from Neot Shaked and Nordau in Netanya, (many of whom are pupils in ESRA’s Students Build a Community ‎projects), 2 group leaders.‎


Winter Pond Park, Netanya