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"Give a starving person a fish and they will have food for a day; teach them to fish and they will have food for a lifetime."

We believe that through education, we can influence children's lives both now and for a lifetime, and through them we impact society. The majority of ESRA funds is earmarked for educational projects have been proven to be successful. Each project we initiate and run is in cooperation with a local authority. 




Students Mentoring Schoolchildren

University students mentor 4th-6th grade children at risk in exchange for scholarships.

The Problem

A huge proportion of school children from Israel's "better" neighborhoods employ the services of private tutors to ensure their academic success. But not everyone can afford such extra support, and it is often those who need it most who must go without.

The Solution

Provide tutoring and help with homework, as well as organized afternoon social activities for children aged 10 to 12.

The Method

University students tutor and mentor 4th-6th grade children from disadvantaged backgrounds for 2 hours a week. In exchange, the students receive a grant toward their studies.


60 Children age 10 – 12

20 University Students


Rishon Lezion