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Learning Through Nature

Children with behavioral disorders learn to interact with horses and other animals, thereby learning new ways of succeeding in their studies.

The Problem

Children with behavioral disorders often need to adapt themselves to the general learning methods at ‎school. For some, this is very difficult and they need a different way of studying in order to succeed. ‎

The Solution

Provide special needs children with a special learning program, involving animal training with horses and dogs at Kibbutz Magal in partnership with the Misholim Foundation.

The Method

‎5th and 6th grade children with behavioral disorders, from the Katzir School near Horashim, attend the riding therapy farm at Kibbutz Magal one morning a week, together with their teachers. The children are ‎taught arithmetic, science and life skills through their work with horses, dogs and other animals.‎


15 children 5th and 6th grade  with behavioral disorders from The Katzir school near Horashim.


Kibbutz Magal