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Social Projects


No one is exempt from life's hardships, but some are more capable of dealing with them, either on their own or by enlisting help. Immigrants, especially those from distressed countries, and others, may find themselves in temporary crisis due to ill health or unemployment, crises that could be overcome through financial aid. ESRA funds are earmarked for welfare projects with proven success. Each project we initiate and run is in cooperation with a local authority. 



Welfare Projects
Provides the elderly or housebound with a friend, a listening ear, conversation, help with reading, etc. 
With the help of children and volunteers, food packages are distributed monthly to the needy and handicapped. 
Financial assistance is offered per request by needy families or individuals, based on our criteria and social worker report.
Adults receive professional support and consulting, face-to-face or by telephone, for a symbolic fee per session. 
A 'home away from home' for teenage girls at risk provides a safe after-school haven with a hot meal and the attentive ear of professionals.                           
ESRA volunteers work for the benefit of others in a social setting, knitting sweaters and scarves for needy children.
ESRA volunteers knit sweaters, scarves and gloves for the winter months for needy children throughout Israel.
Provide Ethiopian adults with sewing skills, including sewing machines, fabric, professional instruction, and a social venue.
Handicapped young adults are given a social framework, reducing isolation and allowing development of social skills. 
English speaking adults facing difficult life situations receive free and confidential counseling.   
Direct financial assistance to Israeli breast cancer patients who are in active treatment and in economic distress as a result of their illness.
Free consultation for Ethiopian immigrants by a member of their community helps them claim their rights and trains new Ethiopian volunteers to help.