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These programs allow talented underprivileged teenagers to fulfill their potential by providing them with a challenging program of enrichment and leadership training at the Ruppin Institute of Marine Science. Talented 7th graders from all backgrounds of Israeli society in the lower socio-economic levels are chosen - programs run for 2 years.

Raanana Second Hand Shop Volunteers Award

The 2004 Volunteers Awards party was held at Beit Fisher on Monday 23rd February.

In attendance from the ESRA Executive Committee was Richard Stein, Chairman, Phyllis Bloch and Adele Hunter, Co-Vice Chairperson and Josie Shlain.

Motti Weiner was the M.C. and welcomed about 80 people and thanked all the volunteers who worked to make the event a success.

Motti in his speech told a few hilarious stories including the story of when he and Grant discovered that water had damaged many items in the 'Machsan'  – they decided to throw away 8 bags of clothing as the contents were musty and smelly. Whilst they were throwing the clothing into the garbage a young waitress from the restaurant next door suggested they “take the clothes to a store in Ra’anana by Ahuza and Hankin Street, the name is the ESRA Charity Shop and they accept and sell old clothes”.

Motti then performed a skit on what goes on in the shop. He came dressed in a smart jacket – charcoal trousers, a white shirt and tie- black shoes. He then said he bought the outfit for 50 shekels at the shop instead of 90 shekels and he suggested that the audience encourage their friends to shop at the ESRA shop – “You too can be well dressed for very little”.

The awards were presented to the 7 awardees with a special award to Ruthann Fields who was a volunteer for 3 years and is now on the ESRA staff. The last award was to Barry Samuels who turned 90 – a special Birthday cake was presented to him and everybody wished him many more years in good health.

Citations for Shop Awards - February 2004

Helen Halle
For your dedication and willingness to always be available to help in the ESRA
Nearly New Shop over many years and for never missing a week. You are truly one
of our staunchest volunteers and your advice and suggestions are always welcome

Alfred Huisman
In recognition of your willingness to give time, on a regular basis over the
last seven years, to the ESRA Nearly New Shop and a special thanks for doing two
shifts every Sunday. Your efforts are much appreciated

Joyce Joseph
For your loyalty and volunteering in the ESRA Nearly New Shop - you never miss a
week even though you travel a long way. You are always pleasant to the
customers and your dedication is much appreciated

Sonia Kacev
For working in the ESRA Nearly New Shop for over 7 years and for always being a
most dependable and devoted volunteer as well as an outstanding cashier

Kalie Plehn
For being a staunch, reliable and dependable volunteer in the ESRA Nearly New
Shop. Twice a week, in the afternoons, you are in charge, never letting us down
and always with a smile. Your help is much valued

Barry Samuels
In recognition of being a superb cashier, and the oldest volunteer in the ESRA
Nearly New Shop. Your commitment to helping us regularly every week is

Special Award to Gideon Noah
For never missing a morning at the ESRA Nearly New Shop and for arriving at 7.45
a.m. to help check all mechanical and electrical items. You meet every request
with a smile – we are indebted to you for your advice and help

Ruth Anne Fields
For being a loyal and dutiful worker for over eight years in the ESRA Nearly New
Shop. You are loved by customers and volunteers alike, who appreciate your
pleasant and even temperament

Fran Freedman
For being a conscientious and dedicated worker for more than six years in the
ESRA Nearly New Shop. Your commitment is much appreciated