Project of the Month

These programs allow talented underprivileged teenagers to fulfill their potential by providing them with a challenging program of enrichment and leadership training at the Ruppin Institute of Marine Science. Talented 7th graders from all backgrounds of Israeli society in the lower socio-economic levels are chosen - programs run for 2 years.


Welcome to ESRA's e-Newsletter for April 2012

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You can find links to all our coming activities below, as well as links to some  'Good News' items to read about some of the more positive things happening in our wider ESRA family.

mishkan.jpgThe wider English speaking public is invited to our very popular lecture series (in cooperation with Raanana Moadon Hazahav) now that it has moved to larger premises. From the beginning of April 2012 ESRA College lectures are held at the 'Mishkan for Art and Culture', 2A Hapalmach Street, Raanana. Lectures are held on Monday mornings at 9am. Entry at door: one lecture, NIS 21, both lectures NIS 32.

Do you want to re-activate the life & work skills you have acquired and learn how you can help your community? ESRA is running two Interactive Workshops in Raanana, led by professionals, on Tuesday 1st & Wednesday 16th May. More info from ESRA Beit Fisher 09-748 2957.
Newcomers to Netanya will have the chance to get to know ESRA projects in Hefzibah at a Breakfast Social on Tuesday 8th May. Contact Gillian to register.

Once more we have a great choice of day trips coming up. Watch out for our trip 'In the Footsteps of Heroes' in the Jerusalem hills on Wednesday 2 May; and a trip to Neot Kedumim the biblical nature park on Tuesday 8 May.  Call Beit Fisher 09-748 2957 to reserve your place.

esramag164_vs.jpgESRA MAGAZINE # 164 was distributed at the end of March, as usual full of interesting articles and useful information. You can give a gift of an ESRA Membership to family and friends in Israel and abroad.  Contact ESRA 09- 950 8371 or click on this link to our membership page. Don't forget that New Immigrants within the first year of their arrival to Israel, are entitled to free membership to ESRA for one year.

agm.jpgESRA's Annual General Meeting this year will take place on Wednesday 23rd May 10:00 at Bet Fisher, 5 Klausner St. Raanana, followed by a Branch meeting. There will also be elections for Chairperson, Vice Chairperson and Members of the Executive Board. Please submit nominations for all members of the Executive, together with the Nominee's signature, before 17th April to fax: 09-954 3781.

This year, for the first time, ESRA will be running a table at the Jacobs Ladder Festival, Israel’s bi-annual musical and social event, featuring folk music from around the world. We'll be hoping to meet lots of ESRA supporters there (come and say hello), sell some of our wonderful Ethiopian gift items and cookbooks, and generally spread the word about ESRA. Thursday-Saturday 3rd - 5th May at Ginossar on the shores of the Kinneret.

Finally, you can see ESRAvision's latest community TV  programme by clicking on this YouTube link - articles on Ein Hod Artists' Village, Broadway Babes (Guild Theatre rehearsal), Comics Store, Dry Bones & Jaffa

We wish all our readers a very Happy Independence Day


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ESRA Upcoming Events

ESRA at TAMA - Thursday series 'Ai WeiWei: Chinese Contemporary Art'
ESRA Netanya 'Meet and Greet' Coffee Morning
ESRA North Coast Social Coffee Evening

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Wine Tasting at Carmel Winery in Zichron
Update from ESRA's Haifa-Lev Hamifratz Branch
‘Voices Israel’ Share their Poetry with ESRA Karmiel
Bat Mitzvah Celebration for Girls in Netanya neighborhoods
Purim Festival in Hefzibah Netanya

Project of the Month


Netanya Youth Center
A supportive educational framework to assist teenage classroom dropouts to return
to their school environment.

Whatever amount you can donate will help.
Follow this link to make your donation. Thank you.

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Welcome to the ESRA Newsletter for March

As usual, ESRA has been very active in the past month! You can read about some of the happenings in our ESRA News section.

ESRA Classifieds can now be accessed online. Find an accountant, a caterer, a gardener or a mahjong partner, shopping, travel, a massage and more ..... all on the ESRA Magazine website.
To advertise your service or business on ESRA’s websites, please contact Naomi at 09 956 5728

gil_with_piano.jpgFollowing the popularity of recent years, ESRA's 'Hand in Hand' Food Pantry is again organising a benefit concert with conductor, composer and pianist Gil Shochat. This project supplies needy families with monthly food packages and supports the food programme at a Netanya learning centre. Reserve your tickets now for Sunday 13th March at the Sharon Hotel in Herzliya Pituach

ESRA Caesarea/Zichron Branch AnneKbook.jpginvites you to its first New York style Sunday Brunch Book Launch on 27th March, featuring Caesarea resident Anne Kleinberg's new novel 'Menopause in Manhattan'. A unique opportunity to meet the author in a congenial setting.

Spring is on its way, the best season for getting out Holon.jpgand about in Israel. ESRA has organised 3 trips - on 16th March we'll be travelling to the Beit Shean valley visiting several points of interest on the way; on the 22nd March we'll be heading to the South of Tel Aviv to visit the Michal Negrin Gallery and the Holon Design Centre; and on the 7th April to the Bird Observatory and Botanical Gardens in Jerusalem. Remember to book early to avoid disappointment.

ESRA's Right Track Centres
will continue as our Project of the Month for April. RightTrack.jpg Our goal is to pay for 11 supplementary teachers at NIS 1700 each per month. Please consider donating to this most inspiring of projects if you are celebrating a simcha, or in honour of your family or friends. Follow this link to our donations page.

Special Pesach Offer from our range of hand embroidered Ethiopian designs - an original gift for the guests at your Seder table.
Authentic Ethiopian Embroidered Kippot - NIS 35 only!
Available from: ESRA's Ra'anana office  09-748 2957 or Herzlia office, 09-950 8371

As you start cleaning out your cupboards for Pesach, please remember that ESRA's 'Nearly New' Shops in Raanana and Kfar Saba welcome all donations of second hand items in good condition - clothes, household and kitchen items and electrical goods. By donating your goods you can help those in need.
If you need anything to be picked up please phone (Raanana 09-741 2631; Kfar Saba 09-765 4652) or drop off your donations directly to either shop.

Our midweek hiking group enjoyed a wonderful tiyul in February amidst the early sping flowers in the Adulam area near Beit Gubrin. One of the regular hikers took some wonderful photos and wrote about the hike which you can read by clicking on the link

Before each Magazine we have a Special Draw for Paid-up ESRA members. The prize is a basket of 'ESRA goodies'. Mag 158 winners were: Shoshana Benjamin, Judith Moore and Steven Baron. Your membership helps to sustain and nurture the ESRA organisation. Click here to become a member or renew your membership online.

We wish you all a Happy Pesach

Click on the links to individual items that interest you in the ESRA Events and ESRA News sections below.

ESRA Upcoming Events

ESRA Netanya Benefit Concert with Gil Shohat
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ESRA Magazine invites you to read articles online

Deadline for adverts for the Pesach issue is 15th March


Herzlia Neighborhood kids visit Dialogue in the Dark
Updates from ESRA Rishon Branch
ESRA hike and spring flowers
Inspiring INSIGHT seminar
Neighborhood Gardening in Hefzibah
Movie Review of 'Precious Life'
Hefzibah Girls Bnot Mitzva celebration
ESRA in Eilat

Project of the Month


Right Track Centres

provide a 'home away from home' for teenagers at risk. ESRA pays for 11 teachers who give supplementary lessons.

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ESRA January Newsletter

The draw for ESRA's ANNUAL RAFFLE took place on Sunday 2nd January 2011and we are happy to announce the winners.
In the photo: Richard Stein, Chair of the Fundraising Committee, draws the winning tickets.
Many thanks to all those who bought tickets. As you know the funds raised go to intitiating and maintaining  our many projects in the community.

1st prize of a holiday for 2 in Prague: Bernard Bloch
2nd prize of 2 nights in Isrotel, Dead Sea: Amit Maliniak
3rd prize of 2 nights in Hacienda Forestview, Maalot: Susan Elbaum
Other prizes: A day at Riki Spa, David Intercontinental - Channa Eidelman
Romantic dinner for 2 at Bistro 56 - Maureen Hoch
A Silk Screen by the artist Steffa Reis - Shulamit Goodman
Bridge Course at Avivim Bridge Club - Joe Hallis
Haircut & blow-dry at Aviv Agian Hairdressers - Ronen Kaufman, Hilary Ellert, Morton Leibowitz,
Sivia Teutsch, Denise Kirsch


forest-fire-pic.jpgWe are proud to announce that within two weeks of the Carmel Fire disaster, enough funds were raised by ESRA members to assist 30 families who have been affected by the fire. The monies are being distributed directly to the families with help from the Social Services Department of Hof Hacarmel.
We are continuing our efforts to help these families and continue our request to donate to our special Carmel Fire Emergency Fund
We thank you warmly on behalf of the families of Carmel.

ESRA has always encouraged English speakers in Israel to volunteer in the community around them - in this way both sides gain. ESRA has organised 2 opportunites to help discover how to use your talents and life experiences to volunteer. Two Interactive Workshops will be held in January and an Insight morning in February.

A new Social Group is being formed especially for Young Adults with Special Needs.
If you know someone who could benefit from such a group please check the link.

As a spin off from the marvellous Ahinoam Nini concert, ESRA is proud to be a part of three new projects opening in January 2011: a project of Ethnic Ethiopian Dance at the Matnas in Neot Shaked; a second computer room in Hefzibah, Netanya; a Bayit Cham (afternoon clubhouse) for teenage girls at risk in Herzliya.....  and that's just to start the New Year........As ever, your donations in support of our projects are always welcome.

We welcome Yonit Gurfinkel who has taken up the position of ESRA's Director.
We wish her good luck as she gets familiar with the breadth and depth of ESRA's activities and look forward to new growth under her direction.

A happy and productive 2011 to all our readers

ESRA Upcoming Events

ESRA Kfar Saba Kennedy Center Honors
ESRA Hol Hamo'ed Hike in Nahal Hashofet
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ESRA Magazine invites you to
visit our new website

Our latest Magazines can 
be read online.


Michmoret Project of Excellence
ESRA helps hungry students at Bar Ilan
Karmiel Branch celebrates Chanuka with a Quiz
ESRA volunteer honoured at Raanana Olim Evening
ESRA Rishon Volunteers distribute their hand knitted garments

Project of the Month


ESRA's Music Center for Excellence
discovering the talent in these wonderful Ethiopian children and helping to develop personal and community self-confidence, self-esteem and pride

Click here to donate to this project


Welcome to ESRA Newsletter for December.

Continuing on from Israel's hottest November on record, we expect lots of warmth at the various ESRA Branch Chanuka Celebrations and wish a Hag Sameach to all our readers.

Only 4 weeks left till our ANNUAL RAFFLE DRAW! raffleticket_2010.jpg

Your opportunity to win the First Prize of a Holiday for 2 in Prague or one of the other wonderful prizes for hotels, spas, restaurants and more.

Please remember to return your ticket stubs together with your payment.
If you would like more tickets, send an email to ESRA with your mailing address and we will make sure that you receive your Raffle Tickets.

The Raffle Draw is our main fundraising drive and makes sure that all our projects have a sound financial base.

If you are looking for a new challenge in your life and would like to become more involved in volunteering, why not attend ESRA's 2-day Seminar in January?

At the first Insights workshop on 9th Jan we will learn more about the group and an outline of ESRA's volunteering opportunities. The second Interactive workshop on 16th Jan, led by professionals, will brainstorm innovative ways to contribute.

If you would like read more about this FREE Seminar, check out the details here and register with our Activities Secretary Ingrid.

At the end of November we said farewell to Linda Olmert, who has served as our Executive Director for the past two years. We thank her for the good things she did for ESRA and wish her every success in the future.

Our new Director will be taking up her position at the beginning of January - details in the next Newsletter.

ESRA Upcoming Events

ESRA Kfar Saba Kennedy Center Honors
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events on a particular date


The latest Magazine 157, Nov/Dec 2010 issue, is now available.
This and past issues of ESRA Magazine
can also be read on our new website


ESRA volunteer honoured at Raanana Olim Evening
ESRA Rishon Volunteers distribute their hand knitted garments
Modiin Municipality's first Book Exchange
'Students Build a Neighborhood' Kfar Saba official opening
New Ethiopian Gift -a 'Perpetual Calendar'

Project of the Month


ESRA's Music Centre for Excellence
discovering the talent in these wonderful Ethiopian children and helping to develop personal and community self-confidence, self-esteem and pride.

Your donation will help provide professional teachers and transport.

Welcome to the ESRA Newsletter for November 2010.

After the excitement of our two recent major events, our ESRA volunteers and committee members, together with our hard-working staff members, are now settling back into the regular routine, planning a plethora of events at local and branch level providing a wide range of activities to appeal to all English speakers in locations all over Israel.

To those of you who attended the Achinoam Nini concert, we hope your pleasure was doubled knowing that the proceeds will be well used to ensure that our ESRA projects can move forward and provide services to more and more children, adults, families, and communities who can benefit from our input.

Our Volunteer Awards Evening this year hosted journalist Saul Singer. His fascinating talk shed light on the success of Israeli start-up companies and stimulated many questions.

The ten 2010 'Volunteer of the Year' honorees were: Ros and Henry Ben Ezra, Annette Bode, Shuka Harel, Susan Kurnedz, Freda Lanesman, Aliza Marks, Aggie van der Laan, Hannah Wende and Ruth Wood. Each in their own way has contributed their share in helping the ESRA organisation fulfil its aims, whether by helping with social activities for English speakers, encouraging other volunteers, or advancing our projects to help those in need click here to see more details.

blvd.jpgNovember sees many branch activities starting up again which you can check out via the links below; book early for another Walking Tour of Tel Aviv with Yona Wiseman on 25 November and
the TAMA Art Lecture on 29 November.

ESRA is selling tickets for the Israel Musicals performances of KISMET directed by Israel Lutnick at the following locations in November: Raanana (16th & 22nd), Modiin (17th) and Zichron (28th). All proceeds from ticket sales will go towards ESRA's projects in the community - call ESRA Beit Fisher 09-748 2957 to reserve your tickets (Sun-Thur 08:30-13:00).

Book early also for our two upcoming bus trips: 24th November to the Safari Park in Ramat Gan with a visit around the 'Hiriya' Recycling Center; and on 19th January to the newly re-opened and highly acclaimed Israel Museum in Jerusalem which includes a guided tour and an artistic program.

volunteers prepared this video clip about some of ESRA's projects in the community, which was shown to the Opera House audience prior to Achinoam Nini's performance.

November's Project of the Month is our Music Centre for Excellence which trains Ethiopian youngsters to develop their potential and self-confidence. choir_1.JPGA highlight for the Hephziba girls choir was performing with Achinoam Nini at our Benefit Concert - we can imagine how proud their families were on that evening. ESRA pays for professional music teachers, transport, costumes etc so any sum you can donate will be most appreciated click here to make your donation.
Thank you.

We wish you all a good month.

The ESRA Website/Media Committee team

ESRA Upcoming Events

ESRA Hol Hamo'ed Hike in Nahal Hashofet
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ESRA Magazine invites you to
view our magazine website

Our latest Magazines
can be read online.


Modiin project Neve ESRA launched successfully
Beyond Our Wildest Dreams-Rishon's first Movie Night
Modiin welcomes ESRAbooks
ESRAvision Overview 2010
ESRA mezuzot adorn Elbit Systems new offices

Project of the Month


ESRA's Music Centre
for Excellence
discovering the talent in these wonderful Ethiopian children and helping to develop personal and community self-confidence, self-esteem and pride.

Your donation helps provide
tuition and transport

Welcome to our new monthly e-Newsletter keeping you in touch with what's happening in ESRA. 10k.jpg

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As you scroll down the page, you'll see links to different areas on the website. In the Events section you can click on each orange headline to see more details of each event, or click on the active Calendar where you'll be able to see activities going on by the day, the week or the month.

You can click on items of ESRA News to keep abreast of what's been happening in the organisation. You’ll be amazed at the wide range of our involvement in the community.

A new feature is our Project of the Month. August's project is the newly horse6.jpgopened Horse-riding Therapy Centre for disabled children. Please support this worthy project. It costs NIS 7,500 per child per year – whatever you can donate will be appreciated.
Click here to make your donation on-line.

On the website you can buy gifts or donate on-line, subscribe or renew your membership.You can check out volunteering opportunities, watch ESRAvision programs, find information on ESRA  offices,  bookshops and charity shops, and much more….just click on

Have you taken any good photographs of an ESRA event or an ESRA project? Would you like to see them on our website? If so please send them, with a caption, to our website team.

Sunday 17th October is a special date - make a note in your diaries! Popular singer Achinoam Nini is giving a performance especially for ESRA at the Opera House in Tel Aviv as a fundraiser for ESRA projects. Reduced prices if you book before 1st September - check it out here

Enjoy browsing around the website. Feel free to register for ESRAlist or our Talk Back section where you can write in your comments about anything and everything that moves you about ESRA - whether it's activities, our projects, our volunteering opportunities or the website.

We look forward to hearing from you! 

ESRA Upcoming Events

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what's on in ESRA

ESRA Magazine

ESRA Magazine is happy to announce
the launch of our new website

Our latest Magazine 155, the Summer issue, can now be read online. Edition 156 will be out from the end of August.


Stand-up Comedian Kilimnick in Karmiel
Nina Zuck receives Netanya Outstanding Volunteer Award
'Cash in the Boydem' with ESRA's Summer programme
Successful Garden Club meeting on Soil
End-of-year outing for Hefziba kids

Project of the Month

Riding for Disabled Children at Kibbutz Magal
Some children attending this ESRA after school program have never walked unaided.  Others have never walked at all.  On horseback they feel the rhythm and empowerment of movement, seeing the world from a new perspective.
Yearly cost per child $1,880

ESRA information straight to your email

ESRA sends out regular informational emails to keep you in touch with our regular activities, news from our branches and projects, and special fundraisers such as our successful Recipe Calendar.