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ESRA Tel Aviv Astronomy Mini-Series

ESRA Tel Aviv Astronomy Mini-Series

ESRA Tel Aviv presents

Exploring the Solar System

with Barbara Moont

A series of 3 Astronomy Lectures | 10 am refreshments 10:30 am lecture‎

Lecture #1 | Sunday 17 March |‎ The Cassini Mission to Saturn

Over 20 years ago in 1997 the Cassini spacecraft was launched to the ‎planet Saturn. The mission ended only at the end of 2017. Come and ‎see the beautiful photos of this most photogenic planet, the rings in all ‎their wonderful detail. Also come and learn about the new knowledge, ‎including strange outflows from one of the moons of Saturn which may ‎be associated with life there.‎

Lecture #2 | Sunday 31 March | The Juno Mission to Jupiter

Jupiter is the largest in our Solar System. Its mass is over twice that of ‎all other planets put together. This mission is to find out a lot more ‎scientific facts about Jupiter which will help determine which of the ‎many theories about the formation of the Solar System is nearest to ‎the truth. But we are also going to see wonderful images of this ‎beautiful planet. This spacecraft is also very unusual in that it is solar ‎powered and we shall see how that was done.‎

Lecture # 3 | Sunday 14 April |‎ The New Horizons Mission to Pluto

On 1st January this year the New Horizons spacecraft flew by Ultima ‎Thule the furthest object in the Solar System ever seen in detail. New ‎Horizons was the first mission to Pluto. Launched in 2006, it flew by ‎Pluto in 2015. Come and hear about the history of this “planet” and see ‎the amazing images that were taken after a nine and a half year wait ‎and a distance of four and a half billion miles!‎‎‎

Cost of Series: ‎NIS 150 | ESRA members NIS120

Pre-paid reservations only!

Registration: Click on the Register button below or call ESRA Booking office 09-7482957 

Venue: Botanical Gardens of TAU – 10 am refreshments 10:30 am lecture‎
Parking adjacent at Natural History Museum- Busses: 25,250,7,45‎ ‎

Event Properties

Event Date Sunday 17 Mar 2019
Individual Price Cost of series | NIS 150 | Members NIS 120
Location Tel Aviv
We are no longer accepting registration for this event