Project of the Month

ESRA Computer Centers provide free access to computers and innovative instruction in computer skills for underprivileged children, youth and adults helping to close the cultural and educational gap.

Tlamim Riding Therapy Center

Description of the Project : 
This project offers an enriching, warm, supportive, therapeutic and caring environment, after school hours, for physically handicapped children.
How the Project Works : 
The Center provides a nurturing, enriching and therapeutic club twice a week for 4 hours. The children receive horse riding therapy, animal therapy; help with homework, art therapy, music and an afternoon meal. Each child is assisted by a volunteer.
About the Participants : 
28 physically handicapped children aged 6 - 17, from Jewish and Arab towns and settlements in the Hadera, Givat Olga, Pardess Hanna and Kfar Kara areas. The children are transported twice a week to the Center, which was opened in 2010.

The reports from the Physiotherapists  are phenominal.  The children are stronger, walk better, have avoided having extra operations and are emotionally empowered by the experience. They have formed friendships and are more socially equipped.

The Partners : 
Tlamim Riding Center, Kibbutz Maggal
Meshualam Foundation
Regional & Town councils
Department of Welfare

Additional Information : 

The Costs : 
Transport, Administration, Professional Staff, Equipment