Project of the Month

These programs allow talented underprivileged teenagers to fulfill their potential by providing them with a challenging program of enrichment and leadership training at the Ruppin Institute of Marine Science. Talented 7th graders from all backgrounds of Israeli society in the lower socio-economic levels are chosen - programs run for 2 years.

Volunteer Awards 2002

Hadassa Birnbaum
Born in the United States, Hadassa made aliya in 1970 with her husband and 3 sons. They settled in Midreshet Sde Boker where she assisted her husband in the organization of a high school for English speaking olim. Hadassa began a new career in Social Work and worked in the Kadima Department of Social Services for 21 years. Presently she serves as coordinator of the ESRA Moadon for Young Disabled Men and Women. Hadassa is also a social worker for the Disabled, abused women and in the Shikumon of Yad Sarah. She is the proud grandmother of 10 grandchildren.

Rosalie Brosilow
Rosalie was born in Montreal, Canada and received her BSEng, MS and PhD in the United States. Rosalie is Editor of the Rehovot Reporter, a quarterly publication of the Rehovot English Speaking Organizations. She was programme chairperson of ESRA Rehovot for two years and is now Secretary and liaison person with Yad Yaakov. She has organized many activities and edits the well received "What's New" for the Rehovot Branch.

Rosie and Piers Coleman

Fonda Dubb
Fonda was born in Johannesburg, South Africa. She trained as a ballet teacher in Cape Town where she married. The family lived in Port Elizabeth for 18 years where Fonda taught ballet to non-whites in a voluntary position. She was nominated Woman of the Year for her roll with non-whites. Returning to Pietersburg Fonda voluntarily organized a non-white cooking school which she ran for 10 years. Fonda was on the committee of the Pietersburg Zionist Organization. The family made aliya in 1988 and Fonda opened a catering business. Fonda has 3 married children and three grandchildren.

Tally Elhyani-Beyo
Tally was born and raised in England. She first made aliyah at age 9 and spent 3 years here. The family then returned to England and Tally made aliya for a second time in 1992. After one year of national service at Yad Vashem Film and Photo archive in Jerusalem, researching the Eichmann Trial, Tally studied at the Technion where she received a Diploma in Interior Design. Tally joined ESRA in 1997 and has since become a Befriender.

Sharon Epstein
Sharon made Aliya in 1999 from South Africa together with her husband and settled in Ra'anana. She began her "new" career in 2000 when she started doing voluntary work at the ESRA Gan Rachel office and now volunteers at the Hanadiv office. She has served as secretary to the Ra'anana Branch Committee and also keeps herself busy knitting sweaters for the Ra'anana Knitting Circle. She recently started volunteering for the Learning Disability Group.
Leah Esterson
Leah grew up in Habonim in the United States and made Aliya with her husband and children in 1975. During the 20 years that they lived in Jerusalem, Leah participated in various volunteer and educational activities. After moving to Raanana in 1995, Leah joined the ESRA Raanana office in 1996 and uses her background in Social Work to help. She is also active in the Job Seekers.

Didi Goldstein
Didi was born in Poland and moved to Israel at the age of 3 in 1931. He was educated at the Hebrew University and was a member of the Palmach. He served as Managing Director of the Herzliya studios and produced many movies for the BBC and CBS on location in England, the U.S, Canada, South Africa and Eastern Europe. He organized an outstanding, successful evening at the American Ambassador's residence this year.

Ruth Gorali
Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Ruth came to Israel with her family in 1949. Today she has two daughters and six grandchildren. She studied Hotel Management. Ruth joined ESRA several years ago. Today she is secretary of the Ramat Hasharon branch and works with the Welfare Department of Ramat Hasharon in support of an after-school "moadonit". She helps organize the yearly concert at Yad Lebanim in support of needy families at Rosh Hashana and Pesach. Ruth also volunteers at Kfar Ofarim with Autistic grown-ups in a project called "Coffee and Sympathy" and coordinates the volunteering of youth movements in the local community.

Sandra Gould
Sandra made aliya with her husband and 3 children in 1971 and now has 6 grandchildren. She worked for 24 years at the Sheraton Hotel in Tel Aviv as chief florist and took early retirement last year. Three years ago Sandra volunteered to teach flower arranging to the residents of Shikma, a hostel for mentally challenged adults. Her most successful and best appreciated work was when members of the flower arranging society of Israel together with the residents of Shikma, presented a combined full day working with flowers and achieved unbelievable results. Hopefully, this will become an annual event. Sandra is also a member of the Hiking Club and helps with their office work.

Lenore and Herb Hahn

Gloria Heller
Born in Poland, Gloria emigrated to the United States in 1947. She met her husband in Betar where she was a very active member. Affiliated with the Conservative Synagogue Gloria held many high positions in the sisterhood. The family made aliya in 1969 and settled in Savyon. Two years ago Gloria joined the new ESRA branch in Kiron/Savyon where she is chairperson. She is the proud mother of a son, two daughters and 5 grandchildren all of whom live in Israel.

Hilda Horn
Hilda arrived in Israel on aliyah on her 13th trip in 1992. Always inv()\ved in voluntary work in South Africa, she soon became active here. For several years Hilda helped at the Kfar Saba trampiada, she also assists "bagrut" students with their oral English, helped at the Municipal Senior Citizens' Day­care center and was the secretary and co-chair of the ESRA Knitting circle. A behind the scenes worker today she co-ordinates ladies who want to knit at home.

Ian Katz
Ian made aliya from South Africa in 1986 with his wife, Lynne. He joined in the first hike and later helped with the organization of the ESRA Hiking Club, as a way of ensuring that the hikes could continue for all in the community to enjoy. Ian is a gynecologist; his hobbies include food, cooking, food, music, food and hiking.

Ann Moss
Ann came on aliyah from South Africa in 1977 with her husband, Leon and 3 sons. She was on the executive of the Womens' Zionist League for many years. The family lived in Jerusalem for 19 years where Ann worked at the Hebrew University Library and the Law Faculty. After moving to Kfar Saba, Ann became involved with the ESRA Branch there and has been secretary and treasurer for the past 5 years. Ann also delivers the magazines and assists with the Ethiopian embroidery projects.

Stella Padeh
Born in England and married to an Israeli, Stella has two children and two grandchildren. She has worked at the Tel Aviv University for 29 years as administrator of an Economic Research Institute. Stella has been a volunteer with ESRA since its inception 23 years ago. Since moving to Modi'in, she has run the ESRA "48+ Social Group" with Joan Lester and has spent many hours organizing excellent programmes for her group.

Zamira Peled
Zamira was born in Haifa but moved to Tel Aviv with her pioneer parents where she was brought up. She married towards the end of the War of Independence and has two sons and 5 grandchildren. Together with 10 friends Zamira established Kahal which works for soldiers' welfare. Zamira is a member of the "Beautiful Israel" board and joined the ESRA Community Fund when she saw the dedication and willingness given by their volunteers

Rennie Rafaely
Rennie, born in London, has been involved in charity work since the age of 16. For the past two and a half years, Rennie has been volunteering on the ESRA Tel Aviv committee, helping out wherever possible; visiting the housebound, teaching conversational English to pensioners, preparing Bagrut students for their oral English examination at school as well as at home, collecting goods and arranging fund-raising events.

Renee Ross
Born in 1922, Renee spent most of her life in Coventry, England where she married and had one son. She was always involved in charity work, in particular the J. N. F. In 1982 Renee made aliya with her husband and mother in order to join her son, daughter-in-law and two grandchildren. On arrival, Renee joined the executive of the ESRA Golden Age Club as treasurer, a position she still holds. She is also Secretary of the ESRA Knitting circle. Renee has 2 married grandchildren and 4 great grandchildren.

Yvonne Sheccoury
Yvonne came to Israel for the first time as a volunteer during the Six Day War in 1967 and made aliya in 1969. Yvonne spent her time on Kibbutzim until joining a Nahal Paratrooper unit in 1970 as their cook. She later married David and had two children. Yvonne has been involved in various group activities and has been involved with the ESRA Support Group for Parents of children with mild Learning Disabilities, since its inception. Today there are three different groups and Yvonne, as well as being a working mother, runs the ESRA Support Group for Adults (over 20) with ADHD.

Rochelle Treister
Rochelle made aliyah in 1996 together with her husband. Rochelle joined ESRA and the Support Group for Parents of Children with Learning Disabilities. Rochelle became an active member of the group and joined their Steering Committee where she has served for the past three years. She is involved in the organization and planning of the group's activities.
Last year, Rochelle was instrumental in setting up an ESRA Learning Disabilities website.