Project of the Month

These programs allow talented underprivileged teenagers to fulfill their potential by providing them with a challenging program of enrichment and leadership training at the Ruppin Institute of Marine Science. Talented 7th graders from all backgrounds of Israeli society in the lower socio-economic levels are chosen - programs run for 2 years.

Volunteer Awards 2005

Pnina Angel
Born in New York Pnina made Aliyah in 1968.  Married, with 3 children, she is soon to be a grandmother.  She’s a graduate of Brooklyn College (History), and the Hebrew University  (Librarianship) and worked as a librarian for 29 years, including 20 years as librarian of the Israel Navy.  Having taken early retirement 2.5 years ago, Pnina joined the Esra Kfar Saba Branch and became project coordinator of the Mo'adonit Kfar Saba in Sept. 2004.
Pat Arthur
Pat Arthur was born in Glasgow, Scotland and emigrated to Israel 30 years ago with husband Morris and daughter Joy.  They also have a sabra son Daniel, who has just completed his army service.  Pat had a 25 year career with the U.S. Airline TWA, working her way up through the ranks. At the time of TWA's demise she held the position of Manager Marketing and Sales for Israel/Turkey and was the only female management appointee during the 54 years TWA served Israel.  Today she and her husband run a small company.   Pat has been tutor in the English High School Project in Ra'anana Schools for several years and in 2005 she became the local coordinator.
Eric Cohen
Eric Cohen made Aliyah from Scotland in 1978. During his first 2 years in the country he worked as a painter and decorator followed by a short stay on a "moshav shitufi".

Eric began his book business, Eric Cohen Books Ltd., from his apartment in Raanana in 1980 with money lent to him by a friend. Today Eric Cohen Books Ltd. is Israel's largest publisher of English teaching books. In addition, the company exports to various countries in Europe and has become one of the leading publishers in its field in Europe.

Eric has become a committed supporter of ESRA's Right Track Project. Having come from a situation in 1980 when he had to borrow money in order to survive, Eric keenly appreciates how much a support system can help underprivileged young people fully discover and exploit their natural potential.
Estelle Ganot
Before arriving in Israel in 1979, with David and their two daughters, she was very active in her home town, Leeds, U.K.  She was the founder and first chairperson of the "35"s in Leeds which worked on behalf of the Prisoners of Zion in the former Soviet Union, as well as the founding first chairperson of the city's Ladies group Joint Israel Appeal and WIZO.  In Israel, she volunteered at Beth Hatefutzot, where she later joined the permanent staff. Estelle then worked with David in his dental practice for over twenty years until his retirement four years ago. It was at that time that she became involved in establishing the Kiron/Savion branch of ESRA.
Geeta Gariby
Born in Sydney, Australia, Geeta made Aliya in 1966.  Prior to and during the Six day War she volunteered at the Israel Military Industries.  A short while after she settled in Ashkelon working as a bilingual secretary for a subsidiary of the I.M.I and later at the Weitzman Institute of Science, Rehovot. After a period of 12 years at home bringing up 4 children, Geeta returned to the work force and joined the staff at the Sharon Hotel in Herzliya for 17 years, where she was Business Department Manager.  Since her retirement in 2003 she has volunteered at ESRA's Gan Rashal Office and is also co-coordinator for the magazine distribution.
Ruth Geffen
Born in South Africa, Ruth first came to Israel for two years with her husband Max in 1948 and was one of the founders of Kibbutz Timmorimon. Making Aliya in 1971 with two children, she volunteered at Wizo for 4 years as a secretary, then worked as a secretary to a dentist for 9 years followed by 17 years as a secretary of the English Department at AMIT headquarters. Upon retirement Ruth was both voluntary Chairman and Co-chairman of Wizo Raanana.  For the past 6 years she has been volunteer at ESRA as a tutor in the schools in Raanana and works at the ESRA Raanana Office once a week.

Sally Halon
Born in London, Sally grew up in South Wales.  She made aliya together with her husband, Richard and small child in 1982.  Later two more children were born after settling in Raanana.  Sally has used her expertise in English in many different areas such as translation, narration and tutoring.  Sally's involvement in Esravision began four years ago when she was co-opted to make a film about her Grandmother.  She recently received an outstanding volunteer award from the Israel Association of Community TV and Radio for her work in Esravision.
Kol Misgeret

ESRA acknowledges Kol Misgeret for their continued interest and respect for the Ethiopian Embroidery Project.  The beautiful frames designed in their shop and their cooperation, contributes to the success of the project.  It is indeed a pleasure to work with them.

Joyce Lasovsky
Joyce and her husband came on Aliya from Rhodesia in 1976 and settled in Rehovot.  She was lucky enough to find employment almost immediately as an “English editor” at the Weizmann Institute and subsequently worked in that capacity at the Settlement Study Center in this field for 15 years at the University of Jerusalem’s Faculty of Agriculture in Rehovot.  Her retirement left her free for voluntary work just at the time when plans for the establishing of ESRA’S branch in Rehovot were first being considered.  She was among the founding members of it’s board, having served thereon ever since.  She has been involved in many aspects of ESRA’S voluntary efforts, but particularly in its support, both financially and practically, of “MESHI” (a government assisted organization that provides employment for the mentally ill), with whom she is in constant touch and visits on a weekly basis.
Kleile Lerner
Born in Stockholm, Sweden Kleile grew up in Edinburgh, Scotland and attended Nursing School in Manchester, England.  Following a year’s Hachshara at David Eden farm, England with Habonim and a period of midwifery in Edinburgh, Kleile came to Israel in 1957.  She married Moshe Lerner, and then spent three years in the USA, accompanying her husband as Associate Professor of Radiology at Harvard.  She moved to Ramat Chen in 1964 and worked as a midwife in the delivery room at Tel-Hashomer Hospital for 35 years.  She joined ESRA 5 years ago and is the treasurer of Kiron/Savyon Branch.
Doreen Lindenbluth
Having arrived in Israel in April 1951 Doreen went to one of the first Ulpanim in Israel in Nahariya and soon found work as a social worker in Petach Tikva.  In 1954 she married and had 3 daughters.  Her return to work in 1968 included a position at the Jewish Agency Welfare Department.  Later she changed direction to teaching English.  Doreen has been an active ESRA volunteer in Tel Aviv, tutoring English and organizing activities.  Now as a resident of Beit Protea, Doreen continues her English tutoring in Herzliya.
Edna Peled
Edna has lived in Israel for more than 60 years.  Edna uses her creative talents and experience in sewing to teach the sewing class in Kfar Saba for Ethiopian men and women.  Edna travels every week from Ramat Gan and is a source of inspiration for the members of the group.
Lynn Pressman
Lynn made Aliyah from the U.S. in 1972 with her family which included two small children.  She lived in Jerusalem and had her own business.  Moving to Tel Aviv six years ago she immediately became involved with ESRA's English Oral Bagrut program.  Subsequently she has become active on the Program and Ethiopian Embroidery Committees. Much of her time has been organizing and leading some of ESRA’s trips and tours.
Ze’ev Rafaely
Ze’ev was born in Rehovot and moved to Tel Aviv at age 18.  He served in the army and studied at ORT.  Ze’ev worked for his father for 20 years and then with Bank Discount for over 20 years.  He first started volunteering for ESRA by assisting his wife Rennie.  Now he volunteers by visiting the housebound in Tel Aviv.  The Jaffa Techushon also benefits from Ze’ev’s help especially at the special celebrations held during the year.
Sybil Shapiro
Sybil was born and raised in South Africa.  Sybil came on Aliyah in 1977 with her husband after the last of her 3 children married and left for Canada.  Upon arriving in Israel Sybil went to Ulpan and soon became active in various volunteering activities.  Her late husband had been an active member of ESRA and enlisted Sybil for ESRA's activities.  Sybil has been distributing the ESRA magazine for many years.
Chavah Shavitt
Chavah came to Israel in December 1955 from London and attended Ulpan Etzion in Jerusalem.  At the end of the course she started work as a Physiotherapist at the Beilinson Hospital, Petach Tikvah and worked there as Chief Physiotherapist for 25 years until she was appointed Superintendent Physiotherapist of Kupat Cholim.  She retired in1990 and is kept busy by her 3 children, 8 grandchildren.  She has been an active member of the Ramat Hasharon Committee and has coordinated the discussion group.
Sally Sher
Sally and her husband came on Aliyah five years ago from Cape Town, South Africa, in order to join their children who had arrived ten years previously.  With a background of communal and voluntary work in Cape Town, Sally became active in the ESRA Kfar Saba branch of which she has been secretary for the past two years.  In addition Sally regularly distributes the ESRA magazine.
Cynthia Snipper
Cynthia came on Aliyah in 1961 with her late husband David.  Following ulpan on Kibbutz Degania Aleph, she moved to Ramat Hasharon for 9 years and then to Ra'anana in 1972.  She has 3 sons and 6 grandchildren all living in Israel!  Her interests include Yoga and Chi Kung and a holistic and new age way of life.  She has worked for various companies since living in Israel including Dun and Bradstreet and for many years with Eric Cohen Books until she became a pensioner.  Cynthia is a volunteer in the Raanana Bookshop, Raanana office, the Techushon and magazine distribution.
Margaret Somech
Margaret made Aliyah in 1988.  As the mother of two children, who have learning challenges she became involved with ESRA's Support Group for Parents with Children with Mild Learning Disabilities. She has been attending meetings for five years, and two years ago she started to volunteer with the support group's organizing committee. She organizes monthly lectures and also writes and distributes a monthly newsletter.  Margaret has a MSW from Yeshiva University in New York and works part-time in fundraising at the Women's Counseling Center.
Ruth Taylor
Ruth came on Aliyah in 1974 with her family first settling in Herzliya and subsequently moving to Ra'anana.  She worked at Arkia Airlines for five years and at Scitex for twenty years. Ruth retired six years ago and since then has been happily volunteering for ESRA wherever needed.  These days she enjoys helping customers find books at our wonderful Raanana Bookshop.
Nurit Toeg-Hay
Nurit made Aliyah from Los Angeles in 1992.  Presently she lives in Rosh HaAyin with her husband and their two small children. She works in the field of Cosmetology.  Nine years ago, she learned about the ESRA support groups for ADHD and became involved. She has been a part of the planning and management of these groups, particularly in the adult and parents groups. She is now in the process of co- founding another sub-group for the support of adults with the disorder that will give people a chance to meet and ‘talk it through’ with peers.  Nurit is very active in the movement towards education and public awareness regarding ADHD and the effects it has on all it touches.
Jelena Vasovic Vujadinovic
Jelena came to Israel in 1999 from Yugoslavia, fleeing her war torn country as a single mother with two small children.  She left behind everything she possessed and achieved up to that time, including a successful career as an Independent Editor.  She had been presenter on the Yugoslavian Television where she had worked for almost twenty years, producing her own monthly Magazine on educational issues and documentaries.  Esravision has greatly benefited from her fine professionalism, which she has brought to the group.  She is also always ready and willing to help in many other aspects of ESRA
Sarah  Weinberg
Sara came from the United States in 1994 with her husband, Ido, and their young son Ben.  They now have two more sons Daniel and Michael.  Being an avid reader she began volunteering two years ago in the ESRA Bookshop in Raanana in addition to volunteering 3 days a week at the ESRA Nearly New Shop in Raanana.

Nina Zuck
Nina came on Aliyah with her husband from South Africa in 1972.  For 15 years she worked in Tel Aviv representing an American Aircraft Company.   After the birth of her first child, Nina decided to work at home and teach English.   Nina has been coordinating the ESRA Netanya Sewing Centers for the past 10 years and helped has to establish the new Shachal Learning Center in Netanya.