The Three Big Questions about Archaeology with Prof. Steve Rosen

Thursday, 3 December 2020 at 19:30

Online Event

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“How do you know where to look?” “How do you know how old it is?” and “What is the most exciting thing you have ever found?”

Professor Rosen is the Canada Professor of Ancient Near Eastern Archaeology in the Department of Bible, Archaeology , and Ancient Near Eastern Studies at Ben Gurion University. He received his doctorate from the University of Chicago and worked as a field archaeologist for the Negev Emergency Survey before moving to Ben Gurion University full time in 1988.
He has excavated numerous sites in the Negev, ranging from Palaeolithic through recent Bedouin occupations but focusing especially on the mobile pastoral societies of the region. He has also worked extensively on chipped stone tool assemblages, especially those from the early historical periods, pioneering the study of stone tools in the Metal Ages.
As a senior academic, Professor Rosen has an impressive record of publications, both books and papers. He is recognised as a first class teacher at postgraduate as well as undergraduate level. He has held many senior academic posts in Ben Gurion University and also served on the editorial board of several publications.

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