The Art of Capturing the Wonders of Dance Movement with Lois Greenfield

Wednesday, 27 January 2021 at 20:00

Online Event

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ESRA Five Towns & ESRA Ramat Aviv

UK 18:00 | NYC-ET 13:00 | California-PT 10:00 

American Photographer Lois Greenfield talks about her impromptu collaborations with dancers, and her mission to find “the wonder hiding in a split second.”
Twisting and bending reality, Lois’s photographs beguile viewers, resulting in a body of work that one can’t help but linger over.

During her presentation for ESRA, Lois Greenfield will be discussing her very original and unusual method of photographing dancers. She will explain how she collaborates with the dancers, asking them to improvise for her camera rather than perform choreographed dances. Lois captures their split second movements hiding beneath the threshold of human perception. From her classic square-format, black and white photographs shot on film to her latest digital color exhibit, "Lois Greenfield: Moving Still", Lois will take you behind the scenes of some of her most memorable shoots and most recognizable photographs.

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