ESRA Hike to Abu Ghosh

Tuesday, 20 April 2021 at 6:30

Abu Gosh, Abu Gosh

ESRA Members NIS 145 | Non-members NIS 185



The coach will take us up to Abu Ghosh which is an Arab/Israeli village and is situated on the Jerusalem Tel Aviv Highway.

Abu Ghosh takes its current name from the dominant clan inhabiting the town. It is located in one of the earliest habitations in Israel.

We follow the trail to the Saxum Visitors center, which is a center that helps pilgrims to Israel deepen their knowledge of the country through different multimedia resources. We then hike down to Nahal Yfta and follow the trail down through rocky ravines and then up to a higher point where we will pass historical ruins and amazing views and fabulous fauna and flora. We then descend along the trail which takes us to Park Canada. Park Canada contains a Hasmonean fort, a Crusader fort and other archaeological remains.

17-18 km moderate plus

Photo Credit: David Broza

Pick up points:
6:30  Bet Yehoshua Train Station
6:45  Raanana Mercaz Klita (car park)
7:20  Latrun (at the cafe next to the car park)

For additional pick up points, or further information, contact Lawrence Bertfield 054 773 4394,‎ This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  

Due to MOH regulation, the number of participants is limited. Green pass holders only. Masks must be worn during the entire bus journey. Anyone with a fever or cold cannot get on the bus.

Registration: Click on the register link above or contact the Booking Office at 09-9508371 (ext 2).

Please look out for any last minute changes due to weather conditions.

All proceeds support ESRA local community projects.

All Ministry of Health Regulations will be enforced:

Hikers should come properly prepared for each hike:  plenty of water (2 litres per person in normal weather, at least 3 litres per person if it’s hot), good walking boots or shoes, change of clothes/towel if swimming, hat, sunscreen and food for breakfast & lunch in a backpack.  Walking poles optional, but useful.
ESRA hikes are suitable for people in good health.  We reserve the right to refuse participation on the hike to any person who does not come properly equipped or is not physically capable of making the distance.