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As Israel's largest English speaking community, ESRA aids the successful integration of olim, both new and veteran, by providing them with a social and cultural framework including high quality services and events for all age groups. ESRA also works to bridge equity gaps in Israeli society through its education and welfare projects, which at the same time provide olim with volunteering opportunities that get them involved as contributing members of Israeli society.

Exploring the Universe with the Webb Space Telescope with Dr. Sara Beck

Wednesday, 26 October 2022 at 19:30

Online Event

ESRA members NIS 25 | Non-members NIS 35


ESRA Rehovot Branch

UK 17:30 | SA 18:30 

In the last 50 years astronomy has been through an incredible revolution, almost as amazing as the Copernican revolution. What happened? The key is that stars emit many forms of energy—radio, infrared, x-rays and more--and what we call ‘visible light’ gives only one small part of the story. Until recently it was possible to detect mainly visible light, but with the development of new telescopes and techniques great discoveries have come. It is possible to watch the birth and death of stars, detect clouds of cold dust and gas that emit radio waves and neutron stars that emit X-rays and see the galaxies (the great ‘cities’ of billions of stars) for what they are. Astronomers are using the new Webb Space Telescope, which detects with infrared light, to see the youngest stars and planets as they are being created today.

Sara Beck Svetitsky was born and raised in Virginia. She studied at Princeton University and the University of California at Berkely, and made Aliyah in 1987. She is a Professor of Astrophysics at Tel Aviv Univeristy and is married to Benjamin Svetitsky.

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Proceeds support ESRA Rehovot project, Nature & Animals Activity  (after school project for children at risk).

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