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The Lemonade Fund - Israel Emergency Breast Cancer Fund

Direct financial assistance to breast cancer patients undergoing treatment and experiencing financial stress as a result of their illness.

The Problem

Aside from being terrifying, being seriously ill can be very expensive, bringing extra illness-related costs that can push a patient into financial crisis. Social service assistance exists but can take time to implement, time patients often don’t have. There is a compelling need to provide immediate direct financial assistance to help needy patients (and their families) manage this trying time.

The Solution

Providing one-time grants to cover extra expenses, thereby providing a financial and emotional boost during a time of confusion and devastation.

Additional costs of a serious illness can include:

  Transportation to doctor appointments or treatments

 Lost income due to time missed from work (patient or spouse/partner)

  Costly special clothing, wigs, prostheses

  Extra childcare, eldercare, household help and other family support

The Method

Social Workers at hospital breast centers are trained by the ESRA Lemonade Fund to identify and screen applicants based on demonstrated financial need.  Applications are reviewed by committee to verify that fund criteria are met and, if approved, awards are sent to applicants as quickly as possible.  


Israeli citizens, regardless of age, nationality, sex or religion. Applicants must be within one year of a breast cancer diagnosis, or a first time applicant with Stage 4 breast cancer, with proven financial need. 








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