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Journey to Identity

Course for youth, mainly from the Ethiopian community, enhancing self-confidence and leadership, strengthening their Israeli identity as well as pride in their heritage, culminating in a roots trip to Ethiopia Netanya, Givat Olga


Teens, especially those of Ethiopian origin, who were raised in Israel, face a real identity crisis. They do not feel completely Israeli or completely Ethiopian. As a result, they have a tendency to be ambivalent towards both cultures. Instilling a sense of pride in their heritage, belonging in Israel, boosting self-confidence and imparting leadership skills can help them feel a more positive connection to the community.


Strengthening Israeli identity and the connection with their heritage 
Developing motivation for social initiative

Success factors

75% improvement in their feeling of belonging to Israel 
60% increase in the desire to be active in social initiatives
80% increase in heritage pride


6-month course and 7-8 days journey

Target Audience

15-20 Teenagers, mainly from the Ethiopian community


 Netanya, Givat Olga

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