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Students Build a Community

A long-term project whereby students are provided housing in disadvantaged neighborhoods, and in return, they mentor a group of local schoolchildren and become social activists in the community. Netanya, Akko


For children growing up in poor and distressed neighborhoods, role models of success are ‎hard to come by, sometimes making criminal behavior look like a tempting shortcut and ‎perpetuating the cycle of poverty and distress. Those who have the ability and foresight to ‎break out and seek higher education, lack the financial means to achieve it. The program promotes social integration and community involvement for youths and their families while mentoring students are provided with accommodation and study grants.


Children:  Personal and group social development
                Educational reinforcement.

Students: Financial support to ensure graduation 
                Creating activists in Israeli society

Success factors

Children: 15% improvement in Math and Hebrew studies. 
                Improvement in social relationships
                60% continue in the project for more than 1 year

Students: 60% continue in the project for more than 2 years


 A long term project, pupils: 3 -4 years, Students: 2-4 years, 2 hours twice a week plus community events and projects

Target Audience

University students and children from disadvantaged neighborhoods.

Netanya: 41 students living in 15 apartments mentor 160 children from 3rd to 6th grades in 4 neighborhoods.

Akko - 8 students living in 3 apartments mentor 32 students from 3rd-5th grades


In 2019-2020, 190 pupils participated in the project, of which about 50% are in their second year in the project or more.
Most of the pupils improved their achievements in Hebrew and mathematics.
Pupils feel more confident in themselves and satisfied with their participation in the project.

The students are very satisfied with their participation in the project, 50% of the students participate in the project for two years or more.


Netanya, Akko


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