Professional Counselling Services

Individual subsidized meetings in English for those dealing with trauma and life's challenges. Phone meetings available. Supervised by Prof. Claire Rabin. Nationwide  

Individual or couple counseling

For anxiety, abuse, trauma, grief, depression, Aliya difficulties, or relationship problems.
For more information contact: Susan 052 6989088. Cecily 050 3731302

Healing the heart

Grief management support group, For more information contact: Michelle 054 4544825

Caring for a loved one

Support for those whose family members may be suffering from ill health, Altzheimers, or dementia.  
For more information contact: Susan 052-6989088 

Individual counseling may be face-to-face, telephone, or on zoom. There is a fee. Groups take place on zoom at a charge of 150 sh for 6 weekly sessions.

Confidentiality assured. Consultant to the services: Professor Claire Rabin