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Computer Courses

Teaching computer skills, including Internet, for children, youth, and adults. Netanya


The Problem

Almost every Israeli household has a computer, and most of them have Internet access. ‎A child growing up in a home without a computer is at a huge disadvantage, placing him at the ‎wrong end of the educational and cultural gap. With teachers increasingly emailing students and ‎parents regarding assignments, children without computer skills, as well as their parents, are left ‎behind. Furthermore, when parents lack the computer skills of their children, the generation gap ‎widens and parental supervision is impossible.‎

The Solution

Free access to computers and instruction in computer skills for underprivileged ‎children, youth and adults.‎

The Method

ESRA Computer Centers offer children courses in basic computer skills and help with online ‎learning of mathematics, science and English. Some advanced computer skills, including ‎competence in digital photography, are also taught through games and use of the Internet. ‎Courses for adults include basic computer skills and use of the Internet, particularly Facebook, to ‎enable them to keep abreast of their children's and grandchildren's activities. ‎


‎40 children and teenagers from pre-school to matriculation; 20 Ethiopian adults



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