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Neve ESRA After School Center

Remedial teaching in an afterschool welfare center. Modiin

The Problem

Children from some families need to be out of home most of the day and do not have an organized educational and social framework after school hours. They spend most of their time in an unstructured and potentially harmful street community.

The Solution

An afternoon care center for those children who need to be kept out of the home but not entirely away ‎from the family hearth.

The Method

An afternoon care center for a group of 15 children in Modiin, provides them with a warm, secure and supportive environment. The children receive a hot, nutritious meal at midday, together with schoolwork assistance, remedial teaching and afternoon enrichment programs.


15 children aged 9-11 years, hand-picked by a professional committee based on difficult conditions at home affecting his/her emotional and physical well-being.



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