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Social Club for People with Disabilities

Weekly activities for young adults providing a social frame work and enrichment. Kfar Shmaryahu, central region


Handicapped young adults need social activities with peers just as much as any young person. However, handicapped often find themselves socially isolated and lacking a suitable framework for their needs. Such social isolation greatly exacerbates whatever problems they are already coping with. The group offers the participants a social framework, reducing their isolation, and providing them with the opportunity to develop their social skills through weekly meetings, social activities, and special events.


Enriching Social activities. 
Relief and fun with a social group.

Success factors

75% of the participants enjoy the ongoing activity. 
70% of the participants like the special activities. 
70% of the participants feel that the different topics are interesting and enriching.


Once a week, October to June

Target Audience

Young adults with disabilities


Kfar Shmaryahu


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