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Sewing Courses

Professional sewing training for adults. Netanya, Kfar Saba


Having come from a very different environment, some Ethiopian immigrants lack the know-how or required skills to find employment in their new setting, as well as the means for re-education or attending vocational courses. The result is poverty, delayed integration into society, loss of self-esteem, and the respect of their children. Integrated sewing courses for adults from all sectors of the weaker populations provide skills, a social center for community integration, and a potential means of employment.


Provide new skills. 
Provide social gathering

Success factors

80% of the participants are satisfied with the course.
80% feel the course helps them in their daily life.


 All year

Target Audience 

Adults aged 40 to 70, attending in groups of 8-12


Very high satisfaction.
The participants learn skills that could help them in everyday life.



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