ESRA Ramat Aviv was established in May 2014. Our first lecture was held in September 2014 and we have not stopped presenting a variety of informative talks, and lectures on a wide variety of national and international subjects. Only the Corvid-19 Pandemic has delayed us from planning future day-trips and out of Ramat Aviv activities.

Our strong suit is getting people together, meeting face to face, within the bubble of social events. We present an assortment of monthly lectures and talks, daylong trips to fascinating cities and off the beaten path locations. We visit museums all over the country and undertake an assortment of other unusual activities.

In 2018, ESRA Ramat Aviv began a partnership with the Tel Aviv-Yafo Municipality Department of Immigration and Absorption to undertake a series of monthly free lectures to introduce new Olim to Israel and learn about ESRA. In addition, there are monthly Magical Story Hours for young children, 3+ and their English Speaking parents and grandparents. Savannah’s Magical Story Hour presented at Mercaz Rozin, in Ramat Aviv Gimmel, to overflowing crowds – we are already seeing second-generation family members attending. During the Corona pandemic, Savannah has been presenting her Magical Story Hour on ZOOM with continued success.

In February 2019, ESRA Ramat Aviv produced a Special Event: a first class production of “The Little Black Dress”, an energetic cabaret show with over 300 ESRA members attending from ESRA Branches.

Then along came Corona – during this very challenging time we are fortunate to be able to say that ESRA Ramat Aviv is also collaborating with the ESRA Five Towns Branch, presenting a wide variety of very successful and unusual ZOOM lectures and talks, attracting viewers from all over the world!

All of these successful activities, besides engaging our ESRA membership, has enabled ESRA Ramat Aviv to allocate funds to ESRA’s “Students Build a Community” scholarship fund, every year since 2014, which has made a difference, not only to the children but also to the entire community.    

ESRA Ramat Aviv members also take part in ESRA’s English Teaching Program that enables volunteers to help local schoolchildren with their English conversation; the opportunity exists to help youngsters ranging from Primary to High School level.  

Want a stimulating, meaningful and enjoyable life - join ESRA Ramat Aviv - we are waiting to welcome you!               

Chair: Terry Shlomo
  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  |    0544-608420

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