Art Lectures at TAMA - Thursday Series #8

Art Lectures at TAMA - Thursday Series #8

ESRA COLLEGE ‎ at the Tel Aviv Museum of Art 2018/19 Series

Lecture & guided tour #4‎ 10:00 – 12:30‎

Thursday, 27 June 2019     

Lecture #8    -   Andrew Wyeth and the American Moderns

Best known for his 1948 painting 'Christina's World', Andrew Wyeth is considered ‎a regionalist, realist painter.

This lecture follows the life and career of one of the early 20th ‎century's most famous and influential artists.‎

 The Thursday series may start with either the lecture or the guided tour.‎

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Event Date Thursday 27 Jun 2019
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Location Tel Aviv

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