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Welcome to ESRA

ESRA is Israel's largest English-speaking volunteering organization, and its mission is two-fold. We help each other by providing a rich array of social and cultural activities in English, and we help Israel's needy by running education & welfare projects that change lives and transform whole communities.


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ESRA projects include after school centers, children's educational enrichment, clubs for the handicapped, scholarships, and so much more. Our flagship project, Students Build a Community, has raised children's academic achievements, lowered crime rates, helped students complete their degrees and brought new life to underprivileged areas.


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ESRA branches country-wide offer a wide range of activities, from lectures to family trips, cinema clubs to theatre and concerts, social outings to sports and games. Members enjoy a 30% discount, but everyone is invited to join the activities, all in English, and meet new friends, while supporting ESRA's important work.


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“Start by doing what’s necessary; then do what’s possible; and suddenly you are doing the impossible.”

This is what ESRA means to me.

What an amazing organisation we are with more than 800 registered volunteers working in so many areas of Israeli society, each in their own small way improving our country. In 40 short years we have grown from the embryonic idea of our founder, Merle Guttman, into a national organisation with branches from the far north to the extreme south of Israel.

ESRA is servicing the needs of the English-speaking community by providing a huge variety of social activities while at the same time offering opportunities to volunteer in the wider community. There are ESRA volunteers absolutely everywhere – initiating and operating our social activities, running our offices and administration, distributing our amazing magazine, tutoring English in schools nationwide, fundraising and working to create, maintain and improve our wonderful and extensive program of projects.

Mention of ESRA’s projects is a special source of personal pride. The sheer joy of seeing the good that our dedicated workers and volunteers are bringing to those in need provides a sense of satisfaction not experienced elsewhere. In ESRA it is not just a matter of providing the funds. It is about finding new opportunities. It is about day-to-day, hands-on involvement on the ground, working within the communities, getting to know the people and providing for their needs.

So here we are ‘doing the impossible’, and offering a real contribution towards making Israel an even greater country.

We invite you to join us. Support ESRA. Support Israel.

Terry Moris


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