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A biennial course for 38 high-potential youth, 8th -9th grade, providing educational enrichment in marine science and ecology at the Ruppin Marine Science Institute, Michmoret


High-potential and motivated teens from the geo-social periphery are generally not exposed to after-school enrichment activities. This widens the gap between them and their more privileged peers. The program provides these high-potential youths with education enrichment in biology, physics, chemistry, marine science, and ecology at the Ruppin Marine Science Institute, Michmoret.



Arouse interest in STEM subjects
Expand knowledge in STEM subjects
Strengthen the belief in the ability to succeed


  • 87% of the participants feel that the activity exposes them to enriching academic content
  • 90% of the participants feel that the instructors interestingly convey the material.
  • 90% of the participants report that the practical activities (laboratory work, at sea, and on the beach) contribute to a deeper understanding of the subjects learned.
  • 80% of the 8th-grade students desire to participate in the program for another year.


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