ESRA is Israel's largest English-speaking community, aiding the integration of olim,
while working toward equality in Israeli society through its education and welfare projects.

Founded in 1979 as a non-profit volunteer-based organization, ESRA is Israel's largest English-speaking community network, aiding the successful integration of immigrants while working toward bridging equity gaps in Israeli society through its Education and Welfare projects.

ESRA’s main goal as an English-speaking community is to provide value, quality, and relevant services and activities to its members and population of different ages and stages in their Aliya proses, which includes: social and cultural activities in English, improving familiarity with and skills for dealing with the various systems that make up the Israeli environment, providing opportunities for volunteering in the community and offer personal support services.

Over time, with ESRA's development and expansion, its commitment to social causes has increased, and additional aims have been added and more clearly defined. ESRA aims to bridge equity gaps through developing and managing community projects focused on education and excellence programs and enhancing personal and social skills development in a safe and supportive environment.
We integrate English-speaking immigrants into these projects, helping them feel useful and contributing members of society, thereby serving our two significant aims.
ESRA and Merle Guttman, founder and honorary life president, have received numerous awards, including the President's Award for Volunteering, for contributions to Israeli society and immigrant absorption. ESRA has received the Midot Seal of Effectiveness for commitment to results-driven projects, constant improvement, leadership, and social impact.

Quickly adjusting to the new pandemic reality, ESRA expanded its welfare services, held many events online, and creatively continued running important education and welfare projects. Such as ESRA Students Build a Community, whereby financially stressed students receive free housing in exchange for mentoring local schoolchildren and becoming community activists alongside shifting ESRA English Tutoring Programs online.