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Students Build a Community

Financially struggling students receive free housing in disadvantaged areas. In exchange, they mentor local schoolchildren and become social activists, enriching the whole community, currently in Netanya, Akko, and  Tel Aviv.


For children growing up in poor and distressed neighborhoods, role models of success are ‎hard to come by, sometimes making criminal behavior look like a tempting shortcut and ‎perpetuating the cycle of poverty and distress. Those who have the ability and foresight to ‎break out and seek higher education often lack the financial means to achieve it. The program promotes social and educational integration and community involvement for youths and their families, while student mentors can complete their degrees by being provided accommodation and study grants. (including 60 students and 240 schoolchildren).



Strengthen resilience
Improve social skills
Better interactions within the group
Build self-confidence
Make friends
Raise academic achievement

Provide financial support enabling the completion of degree
Develop social responsibility
Strengthen resilience
Reduce stress and improve emotional well-being by providing scholarships and accommodation



In 2021-2022, 136 pupils participated in the project, of which about 50% were in their second or more year in the project. 
90% of the pupils are consistent in their participation in project activities and report feeling a significant improvement in self-confidence and social skills.
100% of the students complete their degrees, and 50% continue to participate in the project for two years or more.
95% of the students feel that the project has contributed to them socially and personally, and they would like to continue contributing to the community into the future, in other ways as well.


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