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ESRA Students

"Hi there, my name is Eli Gabay. I'm from Panama and I'm a BA student and studying Entrepreneurship at IDC in Herzlia. I was required to complete some volunteer hours during my first year, and I heard about ESRA. Now that I've done it, I can say it wasn't just volunteer work but a whole experience. They gave me a warm welcome as soon as I arrived, and I started working right away. Simply by making some phone calls to help increase membership and completing some feedback forms, I felt proud and happy knowing that I'm not only helping the English speaking community in Israel, but giving a little bit back to the country that gave me everything. The people, the cozy place, and their warmth, are just a few of the things that make ESRA the best place to volunteer."
ESRA is Israel's largest English-speaking community network, aiding the integration of olim while working toward equality in Israeli society through its education and welfare projects.

ESRA welcomes students from around the world to become an integral part of Israeli society and impact its well-being while receiving credits, scholarships, and internships.
Join our student community of volunteers and enjoy a meaningful experience by volunteering in our secondhand shops, helping with administration in our office, tutoring, and much more.