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ESRA English Tutoring Program (ETP)

ESRA ETP, in partnership with the Israel Ministry of Education, promotes English academic achievements, and offers English speakers the opportunity to become a contributing part of Israeli society.

ESRA's ETP in partnership with the Ministry of Education improves students' academic achievements in English and provides excellent satisfaction to volunteer tutors.

ESRA's English Tutoring Program (ETP) is one of ESRA's most important volunteer-based programs, is active in schools nationwide and online in all sectors. For over a decade, ETP has proven success in improving students' academic English language achievements. The program is recognized and recommended by the Israel Ministry of Education as a Teacher Support supplier. Today, some 1000 ESRA volunteers tutor children and non-native English teachers.

ESRA's volunteers working within this program are immigrants from English-speaking countries, newcomers to Israel, and veteran Israelis. They all have received training and professional guidance. They aim to strengthen self-confidence, improve oral proficiency, aid the weaker students, and enrich the advanced pupils. 

Click here for ESRA English Tutoring Program on the Israel Ministry of Education website. 

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