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Beit Fischer Bridge Classes for beginners

Beit Fischer Bridge Classes for beginners

Tuesday 15 January ‎at 10am

ESRA at Beit Fischer - Weekly Bridge Classes for Beginners

Stephen Freeman is a retired lawyer who has been teaching and playing ‎bridge for over 50 years. He has attained the rank of Life Master in the ‎United States and an equivalent status in Israel.‎

He believes that there are very few other pastimes that combine logic, ‎continuous learning, and social interaction like this wonderful game‏.‏‎

He is looking forward to introducing newcomers to bridge in a relaxed ‎and enjoyable atmosphere through ESRA.‎

Monthly payment for 4 or 5 classes, or a card system according to pay as you play - final system to be decided

January (partial month) NIS 135; ESRA members NIS 105‎

February onwards: NIS 210; ESRA members NIS 160

Reservations: Call ESRA Booking Office 09-748 2957‎

Venue: Beit Fischer, 5 Klausner Street, Raanana

Event Properties

Event Date Tuesday 15 Jan 2019
Individual Price Monthly charge or card system
Location Raanana