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Exercise and Health – Introductory Session with Debi Doron

שני, 12 דצמבר 2022 at 11:00

12 Zohar, Haifa

ESRA members NIS 20 | Non-members NIS 30

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The session will focus on taking control of the aging process through movement, including joint mobility, increasing flexibility, fall prevention, balance and coordination.
The exercises should also help to improve heart and lung capacity and to maintain and improve muscle mass and bone density.

Dr. Debi Doron made Aliyah from Toronto, Canada and lives in Allone Abba. She is a practicing dentist in Haifa.
A graduate of Wingate, Debi certified as a Personal Trainer, TRX Instructor and Senior’s Fitness Instructor. Her special interests are in back pain, rehabilitation through sports and proprioception and balance training.

Bring a yoga mat, a towel, and comfortable running or sport shoes.

Please check with your doctor that you are able to participate in a fitness class.

Registration: Click on the register link above or contact the Booking Office at 09-9508371 (ext 2).

Proceeds support ESRA Education and Welfare Community projects to strengthen Israeli society. Read more

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