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The Crusader Period with Robin Froumin

שלישי, 3 ינואר 2023 at 19:30

In a private home, Zichron Ya'akov

ESRA members NIS 25 | Non-members NIS 35

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ESRA Five Towns Branch
The seeds of the Crusader period in Israel were sown in 1096 when Pope Urban II gave a speech/sermon in Clermont, France. The gist of the speech was that people should go to the Holy city of Jerusalem to recover the Holy Sepulchre from the Saracens. The mission was accomplished in 1099. The Crusader period in the country continued from 1099 till 1291 with the fall of Acre. From the Crusader period there is a large amount of information that is still being studied today. This includes not only archaeology and architecture, but also the social history and life of that period in the country.
British born Robin Froumin, made aliyah in 1960. He has an MA from Haifa University in Land of Israel studies. A former tourist guide, the Byzantine & Crusader history of this region are his areas of special interest. 
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