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Hike to the Carmel Caves

רביעי, 1 מרס 2023 at 10:00 - 14:00

Nahal Me’arot Nature Reserve, Haifa

ESRA Members 65 NIS | Non-members 90 NIS

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What can be said of the lifeways and cultures of prehistoric peoples living in the distant past? Some of the answers can be found in the four caves within the Nahal Me´arot, Tabun, el-Wad, Jamal and Skhul which together provide a sequence of human biological and cultural evolution beginning at least 500,000 years ago. During the visit we will look at the long history of excavations and research which began in the late 1920’s and continue until today. We will see examples of artifacts recovered from the excavations and hear explanations as to how excavations are conducted. Of particular interest is the fact that two types of humans, the Neanderthals and early examples of anatomically modern humans. The occurrence of these two human types within the same geographical region and the same period is unmatched anywhere in the world. The end of the sequence is noted by a number of significant cultural shifts which represent the transition from hunting and gathering to agriculture.

Daniel Kaufman is Professor Emeritus of the Department of Archaeology, University of Haifa. He has excavated in various parts of the country and, since 1995, has been involved with excavations in the Carmel caves. His research interests have centered on a number of issues related to several periods represented in the Carmel caves and other sites.  These include the analyses and comparisons of stone tool assemblages, as well as questions relating to the Neanderthals and cultural changes resulting in the shift from nomadic hunting and gathering populations to permanently settled groups, eventually resulting to the transition to agricultural societies.

1. The tour will start at 10.20, but please be at the site by 10.00
2. There is a charge to enter the site. NIS 22 for adults, NIS 11.00 for senior citizens, free for holders of Israel Nature and Parks Authority passes.
3. How to get there:
By car - On Highway No. 4 (Old Tel Aviv – Haifa road) 8 kms. north of the Faradis Intersection. For those coming from the north, there is no left turn (continuous white line). Continue to the entrance of Moshav Geva Carmel. After about 500 meters, turn around and return towards the north.
By bus. Take the 202 or 921 from Haifa Hof HaCarmel bus station. Get off at Ein Carmel junction – about 15 minutes ride. The nature reserve is a short walk from there
NOTE: Nearer the time we will try to organise a car pool but this depends on the number of registered participants and the number of people going by car.
4. Please bring water and some food and a hat if the weather is going to be hot.
5. In case of rain, we might need to postpone as most of the walking will be outside. A final decision will be taken around 7 days before the hike. All those who have registered will be notified in case of postponement.
6. This trip involves some walking, some of which is uphill although not strenuous, so please make sure you are able to take part before registering.

Registration: Click on the register link above or contact the Booking Office at 09-9508371 (ext 2).

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