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Breakfast & Speaker with Adina Cooper

שלישי, 20 יוני 2023 at 8:30

Bread & Breakfast Cafe, Giron Center, Jabotinksy Street, Raanana

ESRA members NIS 60 | Non-members NIS 80

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ESRA Ra'anana Branch

Join us for a delicious breakfast in a lovely social environment. Omelet, cheeses, salads, tuna, jam, bread and butter, tea/coffee.

Have you ever been given a family keepsake and thought, “what am I going to do with this?” Have you ever figured out what you are going to do with all those photos on your telephone or your family albums? Have you ever faced dealing with someone’s things or finances after they have passed? What would it look like today if someone had to deal with YOUR things?

Adina Cooper shows us how by intentionally facing these questions NOW, we can care for ourselves and our loved ones. In her talk, “Curating Your Life and Your Legacy” Adina promises to engage and challenge us to reexamine the legacies left for us and what we leave for the next generations. Participants will emerge from the hour-long interactive talk with concrete and actionable steps to curating their legacy. In the process, laughs and possibly tears are guaranteed.

Adina Cooper immigrated to Israel from the US in 1982 after completing her undergraduate degree at UC, Berkeley. She continued her education studying real estate law at TAU and real estate management and valuation at the Technion. Adina’s career spanned continents and the range of real estate related activities from investment, development, project management and equity raising on the stock exchange. Her work has taken her to North America, Eastern and Western Europe and Asia. She lived and worked in Singapore until 2018. Many of the projects she managed speckle the Israeli landscape, including the iconic SAP building on route 4, Western Digital campus in Kfar Saba and many Medronic Building in Herzliya Pituach. 

Upon her return from Singapore to Israel in 2018, she was confronted with her own challenges in managing the personal project of renovating, downsizing, and moving into a new apartment. In dealing with her personal possessions and space, she began to question how our belongings and surroundings impact our quality of life. She set about taking stock of the family heirlooms she had received and had been moving from place to place over the decades. Her article, “Where Legacy Ends and Headache Begins” (ESRA Magazine) culminated in her forming a business enterprise, Living That Works, to support others in the process of curating their legacy and dealing with downsizing that is a common phenomenon for empty nesters and Western immigrants to Israel.

Come and join us for a fascinating talk as well as good company.

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